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Welcome to St. Paul Haus. 
We are city dwellers with a knack for renovation, sweat equity, and DIY.
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We renovated our first haus with 4 years of hard work but sadly we had to say goodbye when we sold her in July 2013.  We make a point to drive by when we are in the area.

steel blue 1 1/2 story house

We have moved on to our next adventure–a turn-of-the-century, craftsman style duplex that needs a lot of love to make this place into a 5-bedroom single family home.

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Follow us as we bring this rundown duplex back to its roots with a period-appropriate renovation. We love sharing the fruits of our labor with you all.

About Me:

I’m Sarah.  When not scheming and planning future house upgrades, I work in an orthopedic clinic. I am the primary blogger person in this household, but my other half helps out with the blog occasionally.


I play the main roles of idea generator, researcher, general contractor, architect, and interior designer.


About Him:

Adrian is a student advisor at an area college during the day, and owner/operator of Events by MV, a professional DJ service, by night when not being dragged into another house project. He is very excited about his future Mancave at the haus.


 He is really good at heavy lifting, but he is forbidden to touch a paint brush.



Contact St. Paul Haus:

Thanks for stopping by.

Auf Wiedersehen!

-Sarah and Adrian

5 thoughts on “About Us/Contact Us

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  2. I can’t believe the progress! You guys are doing an amazing job. We’re hiring 🙂

  3. Lucy L says:

    Is there a way I can contact you personally regarding questions about purchasing ikea boxes and doing the custom cabinet doors? We are looking to go this route for our kitchen remodel.

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