Christmas at St. Paul Haus: Living Room Before and After


January 1, 2018 by Sarah

With a number of projects all going on at once, it is nice to have at least one room in the house clean and free of construction debris to use as refuge. No truer words have been spoken than when it is Christmas at St. Paul Haus.

A couple of weeks back I decided I just had to do something about our living room. I was just sick of it. So…blah and tired looking. We hadn’t done a single thing to the space since move-in 4 years ago when we plopped some furniture down and left it at that. I looked back through my posts and photos, and I realized I have mentioned this room very little in the 4 years we have been here.


Mishmashed Interim


This room was one of the reasons we bought the house with its beautiful original woodwork, windows, hardwood and fireplace.

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The antique green velvet couch and chair set was purchased at an estate sale shortly after we moved it.  I still love them and I plan to have them in this room for quite some time. I needed a paint color that would compliment both the architecture and furniture as the same time.  I wanted a traditional arts and crafts color, earthy colors like ochre, buff yellow, mid shade greens, brick reds, etc. Green has always been my favorite color and who doesn’t like a moody, monochromatic feel in a living room? 🙂

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I picked a few shades of green from my new BM paint fan decks that I thought would work and ordered samples at Hirshfield’s in Kennebunkport Green, Great Barrington Green, and Peale Green.

Great Barrington Green (medium shade) was the winner!

I had it mixed up in Hirshfield’s Platinum Ceramic  matte since it was on sale 30% off.  I got very good coverage on the first coat, but I did a second for good measure. The matte is absolutely beautiful, soft, and helps hide some of the old plaster wall’s imperfections.

In one evening, the room was completely transformed. We brought all the furniture we had collected over the past few years back in and Christmas decorations quickly followed.

As it turns out, the green is great for Christmas. I really love how it came out. Unrecognizable.

The rocking chair was an absolute steal on a neighborhood sale page for $30. It is quartersawn white oak with a leather seat. It is utterly fantastic. The small round oak coffee table came from an antique shop for $40. It is also quartersawn. I have it topped with a few of my most favorite architectural coffee table books. The pillow covers were made by my mom out of old curtains. Thanks, Kath!

The garlands are new this year (Menards). They were the only Christmas décor we bought this year along with a couple of ornaments.

The phonograph looks a bit out-of-place in the dining room corner but with the tree taking up valuable space this was the best place for this fun piece. Yes it works and I do use it. I think I paid around $65 for it at an antique shop. The window bench really needs a nice cushion and some pillows don’t you think?

While we were at it, I ordered new fabric roller shades from Select Blinds. These are their Signature Fabric Roller Shades on a reverse roll in ivory with a bungalow scallop.

Lucky for us, the original roller shade mounting hardware installed when the house was built was still intact in all windows. We didn’t need to replace them. This made the install a piece of cake.

I am very pleased with them. They are super high quality, but they are actually pretty decent for the price. I got all 8 shades for under $400. Can’t beat that! Only time will tell if I will get any curtains up.

The mantle is filled with old books, oil lamps, and some of my holiday trinkets.

The tree we have had for years and it is filled with mostly vintage style ornaments. I would love to get a 9ft tree but this 7.5ft tree looks just right in this space. The theatre chair bench was purchased on a neighborhood sale site for $30.

The vintage gold framed mirror ($40) and iron floor lamp ($10) were recent antique shop finds. I rewired the lamp, changed the socket and added the shade ($40) to match the existing floor lamp I already had. The mirror is hung from the molding picture rail for an elegant look.

Less elegant is the old plat map of our neighborhood hung unframed and still wrapped in plastic. Another antique shop find (Missouri Mouse has hundreds of maps from all over the state for any interested locals) for $50. Frame to come when I find the money and time. This one definitely calls for a professionals touch which will come with a hefty price tag. Plastic for now.

Adrian installed a push light switch in the dining room to match the originals in other parts of the house. The cover I picked up somewhere many years ago–it matches the one in the living room exactly. I threw on a couple of coats of paint on the little bit of wall space in the dining room as well. I used paint leftover from the kitchen ceiling, Dutchboy Antique White, and it was actually a really nice match with the wallpaper.  A huge improvement over the semi-gloss paint that was in here. The wallpaper stays, for now. I don’t love it, but I don’t hate it either.  I would love a new paper in here some day.

The buffet is now holding a beautiful set of family heirloom china since Adrian’s mom sold her house and downsized. Yes, we have used it. 🙂

Adrian’s mom made this lovely little sketch of our house a few years ago and I just love it. Looks so cute tucked in the branches of the tree.

We had the chimney inspected, and unfortunately, it isn’t safe to use. It needs a few expensive repairs before it can be used so we have an electric unit in it for now.

We had such a great holiday season this year. I am so glad we were able to share this new space with family and friends. We don’t entertain much with the ongoing renovations, but if we can manage to keep this area clean and comfortable, just maybe we will more often. 🙂

Happy New Year! Cheers!

3 thoughts on “Christmas at St. Paul Haus: Living Room Before and After

  1. Laurel Perryman says:

    Beautiful and truly elegant. Your attention to detail and touches of Victorian are everywhere. My mother would be so pleased to know the china has a perfect new

  2. Katrina says:

    It looks great, and so cozy!

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