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October 15, 2017 by Sarah

The past few months have been a busy time for us. Not only have we been working on our own home but also quite a few projects at Adrian’s mother’s residence in preparation for the sale of her home (it sold fast–before it even hit the market). The very same house where we completed with Blair Bathroom Project. I hope the new owners are enjoying it!

At STP Haus, I finally got the new kitchen window painted to match the other two.

I am obsessed with these black window sashes. So, so lovely. We got the final stained glass window hung too. Double lovely.

Also, I finally got the tile/countertops and trim caulked. I am a freak about caulking and getting a perfect bead so it took me a lot of time to build up the desire to start a project I knew would take me longer than anyone can possibly imagine.  Ok. It maybe took me 2 hours to do the entire room, but still. It probably takes a normal person 20 min to do it. I can safely say it is perfect though 🙂

I used both white and sanded grey caulk to match the tile or the grout.

I got this cute crock from a vintage shop in Minneapolis and I am in love with it:

It looks cute next to the antique brass fire extinguisher and wooden salt cellar. This magnetic knife strip is another new piece we added:

I ordered it on Amazon moons ago an this exact one is no longer in stock (similar one here). It is white oak and it came natural with an oil finish. I sanded it down and stained it to match the kitchen cabinets. I looove it.

Unfortunately, the radiator is still in a very sad state.  I am trying to decide what to do. I could 1.) leave it as it and embrace the shabby chic (emphasis on the shabby) feel or 2.) paint it the best I can even though it will be difficult to get into all the nooks and crannies in its current position 3) build a radiator cover of some sort which could slightly impede its ability to heat the room.  I haven’t exactly decided so I am going with number one for now (maybe permanently. Who knows?).

The space was actually looking like a real person’s kitchen for about one minute…until we decided to demolish the back entry and had to move a bunch of shit we were storing back there back into the kitchen.  Adrian moved the metal storage rack in front of the window for the time being.

The space is really feeling a bit tight at the moment with that rack there (I spy with my little eye–a kitty). This doesn’t particularly bother me since I am VERY used to having to transverse the house carefully for fear of twisting my ankle on a spare board/screw driver/etc. However, I am looking forward to everything being “in place” in this room once again.

Regarding the back entry: Things do get worse before they get better.  The original plan was to demo just the exterior wall, which of course quickly spiraled out of control.  We now have no ceiling and the wall between the kitchen and entry is down too.  It ended up being for the best, but it was a couple extra days worth of work to get it cleaned up.

Adrian rewired the outlets, light switch, and fixture. He also took liberties in running some speaker wires whilst the wall was open. I do not understand anything about them, why they are needed, or how they work.

Insulation went up quickly.

We went with kraft-faced fiberglass batts for this space.  I know, I know. We used the most worthless and least efficient insulation known to mankind, but I don’t care.  We didn’t want to pay for spray foam and it is easy to install.  We used the batts in the kitchen and there was a pretty noticeable improvement (subjective?) in our comfort working in the space. That upper rim joist type area got 2-inch foam board with the edge sealed by spray foam. We will also spray around the door jamb and any awkward areas that cannot be filled with the board or batts.

While the ceiling is open, we took the opportunity to move and extend the radiator supply lines down inside the wall between the entry and guest bedroom closet, eliminating them from the space. This is very pleasing to me and aids in design of the cabinetry in the nook area.

I am still working on the final design but I am getting close. I have changed it approximately 100 times. We will make a trip to IKEA soon for more cabinet boxes, and will need to make another order with Scherr’s for custom doors/drawers . I am considering an unexpected paint color for the cabinets…GREEN. Yes, green!  I am still looking through paint swatches for the perfect shade. I whipped this up to get an idea:

Meanwhile, over in the guest bedroom the ceiling and closet were gutted.  Insulation went in and some of the joists were sistered to allow for a very heavy clawfoot tub that will be going in upstairs. The joists in the rest of the room were leveled to fix a noticeable dip. More electrical fixes were done as Adrian added some additional hardwired smoke detectors so we are up to code for inspection.

Wall board went in pretty easily one night with the help of a drywall lift. Drywall always seems to quickly make the space feel like a room again. This is really, really great given the fact that the ceiling in this room had a huge gaping hole with shards of dusty plaster raining down every time we walked in for the past four years.

Mud and taping to come soon. We will use our trusty pal, Mose, again for this. Primer, paint, and crown molding will soon follow. I have a few wall colors in mind but I need to narrow down my list before sharing. I would also really love to have some wallpaper in here. We will see if the budget allows. Somehow, all the papers I like would cost more than I paid for my car.

Speaking of cars–we got a new one.

So much room for activities. 😀  His name is Blanco.

Blanco came in handy when we needed to haul several 12ft boards for the last bit of trim work upstairs. I have slowly been chipping away at the stairwell over the past several months. It will be ready for priming, caulking, and painting soon. If the caulking is anything like the kitchen then it will probably be done in 42 years.


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  1. Gabrielle says:

    Great site! We are also lovers of old St. Paul houses and cats! I didn’t know this was a thing 🙂 we are on house #4, but #3 was a detour in Atlanta. We are back in St Paul in a 1913 Bungalow, restoring all the old, and when needed — bringing in some modern mix.

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