Blair Bathroom Project Nearing Completion


March 27, 2017 by Sarah

The Blair Bathroom Project is nearing completion!

We did have a small setback when we decided we just couldn’t save the old, original trim. Unfortunately, I don’t have any decent photos showing the severity of the problem with the paint. My apologies, but just know that it looked a lot worse in real life than in these photos. There were 100 layers of cracking and peeling paint on the trim. We didn’t have the time to attempt filling and sanding out all the chipped areas (craters). The paint was gloppy in many places and it just didn’t make sense to try to remove, strip and reinstall with our time constraints. In the end, it just didn’t feel right to paint over it in its current state so we made the difficult decision to replace it.

original trim

I know, I know, I am typically all about preservation, but in this case it just made more sense to replace. The original doors were removed from the house many years ago, the kitchen was modernized, and the wood windows were replaced with vinyl by the previous owner.  I can’t feel too bad about replacing the little bit of trim in this small bath.

Trim removed revealing the bare plaster

We did replace the old trim with new trim that replicates what was originally there. After a lot of research and even more time running around, we were able to find the backband trim we needed in primed pine. (FYI Menards is finally carrying this now in primed poplar a week AFTER we bought it in pine). The casing is 1×4 primed poplar.

Some spackle, caulk, and couple coats of paint and no one will know that it wasn’t original to the house.

The beadboard and matching trim has been installed. It was a bit of a bear to work with in a very unsquare 100-year-old home. I did have to scribe all the corners for the panels to fit, but we ended up buying some cove and outside corner molding to cover the edges and make our lives a tiny bit easier. I love the way it turned out.

If I had to do it again I would definitely go with real hardwood beadboard planks. The 4×8 panels we went with are HDF (High Density Fiberboard). The beaded areas were easily damaged with cutting and they were time-consuming to repair and shape with spackle. The panel edges didn’t really “fit together” like I wanted, which left an area that had to be filled with caulk.  However, after a few coats of paint you would never know that work needed to be done.

After one more coat of paint on the beadboard, we will be able to reinstall the toilet. The new and freshly painted vanity is very close to going into place as well.

I had been eyeing a nice chrome clawfoot tub caddy for some time now, but we opted for a wooden caddy because 1.) I can make one for very little money vs spending over $100 for a premade one 2.) we are in desperate need for some deep rich wood touches in this room! All the white, gray, and chrome, was starting to leave the room a little cold. I picked up a glorious piece of walnut on a trip to Rockler a couple of weeks ago, and I am really looking forward to seeing it in this bathroom.

I ordered this bamboo blind from JcPennys for a steal:

I think it pair well with the walnut caddy.

I am still looking for just the right knobs for the cabinet doors. I am thinking something simple….something glass, something chrome, something classic looking….hmmmm…

Maybe one of these lovelies from Restoration Hardware:

Good news! We were able to fit the beautiful medallion bath set from Anthropology into the budget as well as this stunning piece of masterful artwork:

This is our big “splurge” item at $340. There are definitely cheaper faucets out there, but none of those are a 4in on center bridge style, which is obviously the only acceptable faucet in the entire world for this bath. It is such a unique piece, and you will not see in many other homes. I simply can’t wait to see it installed. I want the 8in version for me!

We are also feverishly looking over shower curtains, bath mats, and towels in addition to many of the final touches, including art and accessories.

Oh, so much to do, so much to do.

4 thoughts on “Blair Bathroom Project Nearing Completion

  1. Jenn says:

    Super Sarah it looks so lovely! Can’t wait to see the vanity installed

  2. Stacey @ says:

    That backband trim sourcing info is unbelievably timely, thanks. The bathroom looks great!

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