Blair Bathroom Project Update


February 20, 2017 by Sarah

Lots of work has taken place and I thought it was a great time for a little Blair Bathroom Project update.

Demo has been completed. The vanity, trim, light fixture, and accessories were removed. The toilet was temporarily taken out and set aside to make room for the rest of the renovations.

We did decide to sub out the work on the peeling walls and ceiling given our time constraints. I had them scraped, sealed, skim coated, and primed to a nice new smooth finish by our trusty friend Mose. He does such great work and had it done and ready for paint in a little over a day.

Several shades of gray were considered to cover both the walls and ceiling in this small room.

We ended up picking BM Gray Owl in an eggshell sheen. After two coats we were left with this magic:

Such a transformation already with just the paint! I AM SO HAPPY THE SHINY PEELING SEMI-GLOSS BLUE PAINT IS GONE!

Now with the blue walls gone, we did decide to bring some blue back into the room with painting the stock vanity a shade of navy.

The paint was a free sample of Country Chic Paint, a brand of chalk paint, in the color Midnight Sky. I have never used chalk paint before.

While there is a claim that you do not need to do any prep work for chalk paint, I just did not trust that.  I thoroughly sanded the cabinet before applying an oil-based primer, and 2 coats of the Country Chic Paint. The paint is matte, as you could imagine, so I do plan to seal the piece with some sort of oil urethane.  Country Chic does sell their own brand of a water-based sealant, however, I would feel a lot better using a spar urethane for the moisture/water in a bathroom.

The exterior of the clawfoot tub was prepped and primed with one coat of oil-based primer. I used BM Fresh Start Enamel Underbody primer.  I was able to get one coat of BM Satin Impervo in Simply White on this weekend.

I did opt to brush the paint on and I am extremely pleased so far. She looks absolutely beautiful already. I hope to get another coat on early this week.

We are using the same paint on all the woodwork in the room as well.

The new light fixture was installed. I love it.

The seeded glass is so pretty. We still need to find the perfect bulbs.

The old bath fan was replaced with this super powerful, yet quiet, unit.It turned out to be a little trickier than we thought.  We were hoping to just pull out the old unit and replace it, however, we quickly discovered that this would not be the case.  Fortunately, we did have pretty easy access to the fan and vent from above in the attic. The fan never seemed to work very well and we found out why. 1) the roof vent was faulty and barely opened, 2) the vent pipe running from the fan up to the roof was tiny–only 2in wide, which is just completely ridiculous.

We went on to replace the roof vent with a better model as well as install a 4in wide pipe to carry the moist air out of the bathroom more efficiently.

I am really pleased with how things are coming along. We are getting close to deciding on many of the fun accessory pieces including towel rods, hooks, knobs, shower curtain, rugs, etc.

I am really eyeing this amazing bathroom hardware set from Anthropologie:

Ugh, so beautiful, but we have to see if it in the budget. Speaking of which, I think we are still on track even with hiring out the skimcoating. I plan to get you a price break down with the reveal, so we shall see how things turn out.

Coming up this week:

  • Paint beadboard/trim
  • Install beadboard/trim
  • Seal sink cabinet
  • Order hardware and accessories
  • Order faucet

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  1. Lory Perryman says:

    Love all of it!

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