Blair Bathroom Project


February 11, 2017 by Sarah

We have taken on an outside job. We are calling it the Blair Bathroom Project.

Adrian’s mom has been talking about fixing up her first floor bath for quite some time.  She has gotten a couple bids over the years, ranging from 7-10k for this very small space. One contractor was adamant that it needed a complete gut including removing the window and replacing it with glass block, removing the clawfoot tub, and tearing up the ceramic tile floor (which is in perfect shape by the way). Of course, I could not stomach the idea of any of that. We offered to tackle heading the project, working as the general contractors. We will be doing most of the work ourselves and subing out some of the work as needed.

The space isn’t all that bad, but it could really increase the value of the home with a little sprucing up. The wall paint is peeling due to years of steamy showers without proper ventilation. This shade of blue is much too dark for this space, but we are hoping to keep some splashes of blue in the mix. The trim has numerous layers of paint and it looks crusty and gloppy.

There is a great clawfoot tub, although the rust spots could use some work. We had already replaced the toilet a couple of years back and plan to keep it.

The light fixtures and wire shelving are also rusting. The towel rods and hooks are broken. The contemporary looking vanity is much too bulky for the space and doesn’t match the style of the home.

Blair Bathroom Project To Do List:
  • Scrape, patch, prime, and paint walls and trim
  • Install beadboard paneling on the bottom half of the walls
  • Repaint exterior of existing clawfoot tub
  • Replace bathroom fan
  • Replace vanity
  • Replace light fixture, sink faucet, and bathroom accessories
  • Install shelving/storage
  • frame medicine cabinet mirror
Project Budget: $2000

I will continue to source products, look over paint samples, and plan a timeline over the next week. Stay tuned on FB and IG for updates.

5 thoughts on “Blair Bathroom Project

  1. Uncle Phil says:

    After you get done with Lory’s, you’ll need to head south to help with suggestions for the “Mapleridge Project”… great ideas. I know she’ll love the results.

  2. Nick says:

    Looking forward to the after pictures.

  3. tboard says:

    Adrian’s mom has kids who are a lot more talented than mine are. Where did I go wrong?

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