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October 11, 2016 by Adrian


Hello, it’s me again. I post once a year to highlight the one night I have control of the home, Halloween. My post from last year:#HalloweenHaus. 2014 was more of a “halloween experience” than a traditional haunted house. The people entered the house, saw some scary stuff, then walked out. This worked better in my head than in real life. In 2015 I switched it up. The layout of our home, that was formerly a duplex, allowed me to create a route where people can actually walk through the haus. This allowed me to add more scare spots along the route.


2015 Halloween Haus Route

Convincing my wife to allow people to walk through our haus is not an easy task so I just didn’t tell her about the plans until well after they were in place. The 2015 theme was “Doll Haus”. I don’t recall where the idea originated from but once it was set I started collecting creepy dolls, mannequins, and other spooky items that I felt would scare some youths. From Ax-Man, to craigslist, to goodwill, to antique shops, I spent random amounts of hours and dollars on things I may only use once 🙂 #DinkLife

There were a few special projects I put together for the 2015 haus.

I put a hidden drop panel in a nearly century old door (the wife was a big fan of this one)

I added some intestines to some mannequin legs with some good old spray foam insulation.

And I framed out a flat screen TV with some wood trim to make an animated picture frame with my go to  AtmosFearFX videos. This prop can cost close to $1000 to buy fully assembled. DIY for the win.

20151030_154444 20151025_232505

Much like last year it was dark and the time flew by as trick or treaters showed up and I wasn’t able to get the high quality video walk through that I always want. I guess you will have to show up in person if you want to see it…

But I was able to snap a few shots and get a few video clips of some of the Doll Haus features. Animated props, mannequins, dummies dressed as humans, humans dressed as babies, babies crying, fun for the whole family.

The 2016 theme is Clowns/Fun Haus. It should be brighter and more photo friendly so stay tuned for that post, a year or so after it actually happens.


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