MSP Home Tour 2016

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May 14, 2016 by Sarah

Adrian and I had the absolute pleasure of attending the Minneapolis St. Paul Home Tour again this year.

msp home tour

The event, which is held annually in the spring, displays remodeled, renovated, or restored homes, along with a few new builds, in the Twin Cities. The tour is always free to the public.

msp home tour 2016

We always have such a good time checking out some very nice homes! I like to see what real people are doing with their real homes. This is our 3rd year that we have participated (you can read about the previous tours here and here).

We just took a look at homes in St. Paul again this year (duh).  We were only able to make it to 15 homes on Sunday since Adrian and I both had to work Saturday.

Here are a few random things that caught my eye:

vintage pink bath east side

A PINK BATHROOM! I am in love.

stained glass window east side

Stained glass for days.

velvet wallpaper

Velvet wallpapers.

antique light fixture

Original turn-of-the-century light fixtures.

newell post

I have a thing for a good newel post.

east side art house 2

A painted lady on the East Side.

east side art house

A local artist painted this bath, unique.

This building was the former Old Home creamery on University Ave which has since been renovated into an apartment complex. We weren’t entirely impressed with the interiors, but I am glad they keep most of the art deco façade intact. This is the side entrance here.

msp home tour old home

Dairy may be the best food group, right after my other favorite food groups: Jacks Pizza, Bacon, and Coffee groups.

This Saint Anthony Park Home renovation was a dream and tastefully done:

msp home tour sap2

This tiny door into the garage made me squeal.

msp home tour 1 msp home tour sap

msp home tour sap3

I don’t know who Bob is, but damnit, he was there.

msp home tour sap 7

A lot of granite, a lot.

msp home tour sap7

It was hard to believe the before photos of this house. The architect did a really remarkable job of making the new addition blend seamlessly into the original house from both the interior and exterior. It is one of my pet peeves when an addition is just slapped onto the back or side of a house without considering the overall esthetics.

msp home tour sap4

I loved the cute bath with the painted clawfoot tub and separate shower.

msp home tour sap5

Very cute idea. I need this.

msp home tour sap6

This home was my absolute favorite on the tour:

msp home tour edmund

This big brick beauty at 493 Edmund Ave is being fully restored by Preserve Frogtown, a joint effort between the good folks at Historic St. Paul and the Frogtown Neighborhood Association. Adrian had to literally drag me out of this house and repeat several times that we are not going to be buying this house. 🙁 party pooper.

solid wood doors edmund

Hallway linen cabinet.

attic edmund 2

Unfinished attic

before edmund porch

The grand front porch.


Lovely balcony off the master bedroom.

window radiator

This was one of my favorite bedrooms in the house.


The windows in the front bedrooms were ginormous.

msp home tour edmund 11

Again, newel post. Lovely.

msp home tour edmuns 3

House plans.

msp home tour edmund 10

The house had all the original ornate radiators. 😀

msp home tour edmund 9

Unfortunately the original was long gone, but this kitchen was well done. I am so glad they did not put in builder grade honey oak cabinets. I would probably put in a quartz countertop and add a subway tile back splash though.

msp home tour edmund 8

Cute half bath 🙂

msp home tour edmund 6

Lovely fixtures throughout.

msp home tour edmund 5

There is nothing I love more than huge oak leaded-glass built-ins, nothing.

msp home tour edmund 4

The living room complete with a fireplace.

They are currently working hard on restoring the front porch.

Photo obtained from Historic Saint Paul, via here.

Photo obtained from Historic Saint Paul, via here.

This Place Matters 493 Edmund Ave

Some very lucky family will get to live in this home this summer. It will be listed for sale once the renovations are complete. I believe it will be listed around 160 or 170k. I have been posting updates on the house and front porch on our FB page for anyone that is interested.


I also really enjoyed this East Side property:

east side B&B house

Sorry I wasn’t able to get any photos of the interior (they asked that we not take any). *eye rolls*

The owners have been working on the property for quite some time and they have plans to open up a portion of the house as a B&B. Maybe we will do a little staycation in the future.

Back at the STP Haus, plenty has been going on–I hope to post about everything next week.  The bathroom and hallway upstairs are really coming together. Here is a little teaser for your enjoyment:

bathroom drywall

Sweet baby Jaysas we have walls. 😀




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