Master Bedroom Update


April 16, 2016 by Sarah

The second floor renovation is really coming along and I think a master bedroom update is in order. A LOT has happened here the past few months and I ask for some patience please as I hope to post about EVERYTHING soon. 🙂

Here is the before photo of the bedroom from when the house was still a duplex. This room was the living room for the upper unit.

upstairs living room before

Master Bedroom Before

And the room in progress:

master bedroom bed

Master Bedroom Progress

The baseboard is fully installed.

bedroom baseboard

I still need to install shoe molding. I am hesitant about that because I will have to put in some time finding a stain blend that will match the baseboard well. We weren’t able to save any of the original 1/4 round–it was so thin and dry and essentially “glued” down to the polyurethaned floors that it came out in several pieces no matter now careful we were in our salvaging attempts. 🙁

We also installed the bedroom door and got the casings up. The door still needs to be stripped and stained to match.

master bedroom progress

Adrian installed the TV (it used to be in the living room at our old house) one day when I wasn’t home.

wall mounted tv bedroom

I got this great chair and ottoman for $50 from a neighborhood Facebook group.

faux leather chair

It is living in here for now, but I originally picked it up for my future office. It is a really large piece. I am not sure it really works for this space. I think I would rather like to have a nice narrow console table or dresser of some sort under the TV and have a little more space. However, the cats really enjoy resting in that chair so maybe it will stay.

Adrian bought some temporary stick on paper shades from Menards and installed those, so I didn’t have to make any rash and likely regrettable decision on window treatments (the horror).  Everything I like is 1 million dollars and I have no desire to spend that much right now so these work for the time being.

temporary paper window shades

The glass is broken on this lower sash in the middle window. I have some old glass waiting to replace this–sometime this summer we will get to it.

broken window pane

I haven’t installed the wooden stops that keep the window sashes in place just yet. Those windows need repairs and need to be re-glazed.  I didn’t want to nail those stops in and then take them off again later so I just left them off for now.

We kept our old bed for now. It was a hand-me-down from Adrian’s mom. I have looked over some options for a new bed and I have come to realize that I am just going to have to build my own because the beds I like are over 3k and handmade by the Amish–which just isn’t going to happen right now.

craftsman white oak bed

The Amish make nice things.

I also haven’t gone as far as to buy any new bedding yet.  I just have a couple of old comforters on there for now, and again, they work just fine for keeping one warm at night so yeah.

craftsman queen bed

I would really like to get a nice off-white linen duvet cover–something like this:

white linen duvet cover

I think something plain would be nice since we have a patterned and colorful rug. Speaking of rugs…I spent probably 100 hours trying to find a decent rug. I found one that wasn’t a billion dollars and in the colors/pattern I wanted at Target so I ordered it.

Monica Masquerade Area Rug

Rug on sale at Target for $129.

It came quickly and I rolled it out only I find that I think it looks way too small in this room even though I had measured and thought it would work. Boo.

multicolor bedroom rug

After many an attempt at rearranging the rug in the room I just don’t think it is going to work. It is still in place for now until I find the perfect replacement. We will keep it and use it elsewhere in the house since I do really like the rug. I haven’t really been looking for a new one–maybe one will fall from the sky?

blue bedroom rug

I need to find something to hang on this wall above the bed. I have a few prints already that might work but they need to be framed. We put up this cute and funny print of Ernst Hemingway’s property in Key West. I got it from a neighbor and I think I paid $10 for it.

master bedroom ideas

ernest hemingway print

Adrian installed a closet system in the walk-in closet but he is refusing to let me take any decent photos of it right now. He is really enjoying it though. It is really nice. We still need to install the baseboard in the closet and finish installing the carpet and threshold at the doorway.

adrians closet

The carpet was the best quality carpet they had in stock at Menards and we were able to get two pieces at a reduced price that would work in our closets from the remnant section, plus an additional 30% off. It was quite the deal.

closet carpet

I am really not a carpet person at all, but it really is quite magically to walk on.

master bedroom update

We are really enjoying this master bedroom update so far and are looking forward to having a working bathroom upstairs.  We have been very busy working on the bathroom and several other projects over the past few weeks.  Stay tuned for a report on where we are at with the bathroom and the hallway/stairwell.

I hope everyone is enjoying the wonderful weather we are having right now. Makes working inside that much harder. 🙂

6 thoughts on “Master Bedroom Update

  1. Maishon says:

    It looks awesome!! Y’all are doing a fantastic job!!

  2. I found my linen comforter cover and shams at in their home section. It has laundered beautifully. I LOVE it. I got the white and it works for us. I even purchased the dust ruffle, but I don’t have a real bed frame, so I needed something. As for the rug, if you otherwise love it, could you add a 4″ canvas boarder or something to the edges? Just a thought.

  3. Stacey @ says:

    Thing 1, I love that chair. I want to bear it strong sons.
    Thing 2, I almost bought that same rug!
    Thing 3, everything looks great (especially the cabinetry).
    Thing 4, look for linen duvet covers on ebay — there’s a place in New York that does Company Store seconds, got our summer linen stuff there for not very much.

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