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November 1, 2015 by Sarah

I love my new toys!!

A big renovation calls for some decent power tools, amiright!?  A project always goes so much faster and smoother with the proper equipment so we decided it was worth the small fortune we just forked out to help us get this renovation completed.  I am happy to report we now have a decent finish nail gun, table saw and random orbit sander.

Maybe you saw the quick pic I posted on Instagram?


The Dewalt DWE7480XA 10-Inch Compact table saw, which we have been needing for a long time, had really good reviews on Amazon so we pulled the trigger finally on that a couple of weeks ago ($375 here). Works like a dream but it insanely loud. We have gotten by without a table saw all this time mostly by using a circular saw to make rip cuts or relaying on home depot to cut plywood for us (which I DO NOT recommend if you are expecting accurate cuts BTW).

dewalt table saw

The Pasloade 902400 Cordless 16ga Angled Finish Nailer is absolutely amazing.  We splurged and went with the newest model on the market based on some of the updated features ($350 on sale here) but we did get it during the menards 11% sale. I am so sad we didn’t get it sooner. It is sooo convenient and easy to use. It is very lightweight which is nice since my right shoulder fatigues quickly.

paslode finish nailer

The Porter-Cable 382 5″ random orbit sander was on sale at Menards too, and I am pretty pleased with it for the price. Only time will tell how this thing will hold up. So far I have only used it to sand down a few high spots in the hallway subfloor with a low grit sandpaper, but this little guy will be getting a lot of use in the future.

porter cable orbital sander

I will have to write more after a bit of use, but for now just know that you can find me caressing that Paslode in every bit of spare time I have. 😉    It is Adrian’s birthday today. Happy Birthday dear!


One thought on “New Toys

  1. Ape says:

    Yessssss! Now I don’t have to purchase a table saw!

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