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October 27, 2015 by Sarah

Lots of stuff is still happening around the house, including this…

benjamin moore healing aloe

Master Bedroom

…and this…

benjamin moore hudson bay

Gym/Spare Bedroom

and this…

panasonic bath fan

Panasonic WhisperCeiling

That is right. We got the bathroom fan installed for the first floor bathroom.  It has been absolutely glorious, GLORIOUS!

Unfortunately, the new medicine cabinet and new light fixture we put in the bathroom shortly after moving in had already started rusting before we got the bath fan in.

rusting bathroom hardware

WTF. Well I guess that happens when you buy cheap shit. I wonder If I could find replacement hardware??

Back to the master bedroom. IT IS AMAZING and I love everything about it.

master bedroom paint

The wall color is Benjamin Moore Healing Aloe in a matte finish. This is the first time I have used a matte finish and I am very pleased.

benjamin moore healing aloe

It is a very soft greenish-bluish-grey. It is quite lovely in person. I love how it changes throughout the day as the light changes.  It is more bluish-green during the morning, then become more green in the late afternoon, and finally at night it takes on a more of a gray tone.

bedroom paint healing aloe

The ceiling is just plain off the shelf flat ceiling white.

benjamin moore healing aloe bedroom

Runner-ups for this room where BM Palladian Blue (too blue and too dark, #3 below) and BM Quiet Moments (too gray, #1 below)

master bedroom paint ideas

The hardwood floors are patched, the corner cabinets are in, and the light fixtures are installed.

benjamin moore healing aloe

I could not be happier with how beautifully those cabinets turned out. They were in really great shape, and it wasn’t too hard to make them look “built-in” like they were in the house they originally came from.  I labeled out all the trim to make it easier to install when the time came.

cabinet trim

labeling salvaged trim

We put nailing boards behind the cabinets into the studs then we nailing through the cabinet into the nailers.

built-in corner cabinets installing built-in cabinets

I then nailed some 2x2s all along the face of the cabinets so I would have something to nail the outside edge of the trim into. I also used small lattice trim and caulk to fill into the space between the wall and trim. I painted this the wall color to make it blend in.

bedroom builtins

Here you can see that trim piece stick out at the top that I had painted. I will cut that flush one of these days…


The chandelier is beautiful and I got it on sale plus a 20% off coupon from Pottery Barn. Total steal at just over $200.  I love the shadow it casts on the ceiling at night and we have already gotten so many compliments on it.

pottery barn chandelier

Dalila Beaded Crystal Chandelier from Pottery Barn, currently $299.


The sconces I got online from somewhere (I think home depot??), but I originally found them on Wayfair and kept going back to them.  I used the image search function on google and found them for a good $20 each cheaper than they were on Wayfair. YUSSS.

accordian sconce

It took me a good 6 months to pull the trigger on those sconces and I am pretty happy with them. They are functional (swing side to side out-of-the-way of the cabinet doors and extend out for reading in bed) which is nice and I love the style, but I wish the finish was a tad darker. I suppose I could always hit it with a metallic paste wax at some point to darken it up a bit.

accordian sconce

The cabinet doors are covered with fabric from the inside. They actually don’t look too bad in this room and the color is okay, but I will most likely be removing that fabric. It is a little too contemporary for my tastes. Also those blue knobs will have to be replaced with something more appropriate. These originally would have had wooden knobs, probably square, but I am considering glass knobs as well.

Hey, hey, hey you guys check out the gym…

home gym blue ceiling

This ceiling is my favorite ever. Actually the light fixture is my favorite.  Actually the combination of the ceiling and the light fixture is my favorite.

Trippy, steampunky and beautiful.




The fixture is handmade from a Etsy vendor in New Orleans. It is unlacquered brass so it will age to a beautiful finish or can be polished.  I ended up polishing it prior to install since it had a few spots on it and I want it to age evenly. Adrian did have to make a quick repair to one of the arms that had a loose wire, but it was no big deal.

unlacquared brass light fixture

We went with Benjamin Moore Hudson Bay (#5) on the ceiling and the walls are Gray Owl (#2).

paint samples home gym

I have several samples for this room including the popular Hale Navy for the ceiling and Moonshine, for the walls.

gym paint color

Good colors for a home gym, right?

Even though I spent a lot of money on samples (Over $75 ugh), I am glad I did since the colors I thought I wanted looked totally wrong once I got them on the walls. Adrian thinks that I am insane, of course.

Moving on….

The hardwoods in this room have been patched as well. It took a bit of work and we did end up with some small gaps between a few of the boards, but over all I am very pleased with how they came out. I cannot wait to see what they look like after refinishing!

patching hardwood floors

The last 4 or 5 rows were patched along the wall here

patching hardwood floors

Much of this closet was patched

We used wood that we salvaged from over the old covered staircase and small area in the hallway to make the patches. It was tedious work to de-nail all the boards and scrape years of old crusty cruddy gunky stuff off the tongues and groves prior to cutting everything to length and width as needed.

We decided on new hardwood for the floor in the hallway. We were able to save some money by using salvaged wood for the bedrooms, but we decided it was just going to be way easier for us to start fresh here.

quarter sawn white oak flooring

The bedrooms are maple, but I decided on quarter-sawn white oak for the hallway.  I just love it so much on the kitchen cabinets that I decided I need more of it in the house. I picked up the wood from Pete’s Hardwood in St. Paul. Great people. Same folks I rented the floor sander from when I refinished floors at the old house.

craftsman kitchen white oak cabinets

I was unsure about going with a different wood species than the rest of the second floor at first.  I gave it all quite a bit of thought and realized that living/dining room are white oak while the bedrooms, hall, and kitchen are maple. It doesn’t seem to bother me in the slightest and it has been this way in the house for over 100 years.  I figured it would be ok this way upstairs as well.  Plus, I do whatever the hell I want.  🙂

hardwood flooring white oak

I am going to stain this white oak with a similar finish as the kitchen cabinets. There will be quite the contrast compared to the light-colored bedroom floors, but we made sure all the transitions will be directly under the doors so when the door is closed, you will not see them.

transition between hardwood at a doorway


hardwood floor transition

Transition between the maple gym floor and the hallway which will be white oak

Beautiful.  I am probably the only person in the world that thinks this much about hardwood flooring transitions or thinks that they are beautiful?

Over the next week and weekend we will finish installing the hardwood and get some paint up in the hallway before Brian The Floorman comes to refinish the hardwoods (eeeeeeek).


Hallway looking south from inside the Master Bedroom



Precision work on the eave by Mose

hallway laundry

laundry area and plumbing access closet

I wanted to give a special shout out to Mose–our talented and amazing taper guy that got all this work done on the drywall (mudding, taping, priming) mostly on weekends on top of his regular job.  What a guy! Thanks, Mose!

Aaaaand the radiators are installed and we have HEEEEAAATTTT for the first time since last November. HOOORRAHHHHHHH!

moving a radiator

Long post, long post, but reassurance that stuff is still happening over here. Keep an eye on our Instagram and FB accounts–I will be posting some updates on our progress.




7 thoughts on “Stuff is Still Happening

  1. Well! I just stopped by here to give you some static about not posting in FOREVER and to find out if you were even ok, and hey, look — a post! I got here before my reader even saw it! Basically, I have about 400 things to say about what you are up to, but selections include: love Healing Aloe — we’ve got Quiet Moments in our kitchen; floor looks awesome/I also get excited about flooring transitions; light fixture looooooooooove.

    • Sarah says:

      I know, I know. I am terrible. Quiet Moments is quite lovely, but just not in that north facing room. I am pretty happy with how that floor turned out, but I was even happier to go with some new flooring for that hall, it is a lot easier to work with than the salvaged maple. I cannot wait to see what it looks like when we finish installing. YAY!

  2. Suzie says:

    I’m stealing your chandelier.

  3. Ape says:


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