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July 27, 2015 by Sarah

More drywall work continues at St. Paul Haus.  Adrian and I have been putting in a buttload of long hours at work lately so work on the old house is moving along at a slow pace. I just finished up helping with a coworker’s maternity leave at my day job and was working 10-12 hour days. Adrian of course has his normal day job, but it is also the very busy wedding season for his DJ business.


Adrian’s setup for a recent wedding in Minneapolis

We aren’t complaining (well, maybe a little) because all of this extra work is helping fund this renovation which has turned into more than we were expecting financially and physically.  I am happy to be getting back to normal hours at work so I can spend more time on the house. 🙂

We have continued to work on hanging the drywall a little bit here and there when we found energy over the past few weeks.  With the majority of the ceiling done after the help from our family, we were able to handle the walls without too much strenuous effort.

Hanging drywall

The bathroom is the only room we have left to hang but we are putting that on hold for right now while we focus on then rest of the upstairs.

The bathroom is currently the designated storage area for all the tools and half-used drywall scraps.

drywall scraps

The bathroom: the place where drywall scraps come to die.

renovation tool storage

Shout out to Verus Builders for letting us barrow their drywall guns and saw horses.

The taper/mudder (I do not know what they like to be called so I will just call him taper) started this week on the rooms that we already have completed.  There was a bit of extra work for him as far as prepping for the tape/mud since we really are not professional hangers. We tried out best to leave tight seams, but some left much to be desired, especially at this weird angled part of the hallway ceiling…

drywalling angled ceiling

And he did have to go back and remove a few loose screws here and there that didn’t bite into the studs or were not countersunk into the drywall quite enough. After that was done he was moving along pretty quickly.


My Office/Spare bedroom




Future home gym/spare bedroom





The is absolutely no way in hell we would be able to tolerate this much mudding and taping ourselves. No way in HELL.  My type A personality would come out in full force and I would spend 2 weeks doing what these guys can get done in 1 day. We learned this the hard way when working on the kitchen and I vowed then and there that I would never attempt that again as long as I live.  Worth every penny in time and effort to hire this out.

master bedroom drywall

Master Bedroom

master bedroom drywall

Master Bedroom

master bedroom sheetrock

Master Bedroom

master bedroom sheetrock

Master Bedroom

There really doesn’t seem to be an end in sight with the drywall. We still need to hang drywall in 3 closets downstairs as well as the ceiling in Adrian’s current office which will be the future guest bedroom.  Adrian wants to mud the downstairs closets, but I am just not into it at all.

We did get the electrical boxes in for the bedroom sconces that will be on either side of the bed:


Unfornuately I have not found the perfect sconces for this room. Don’t get me wrtong I have found PLENTY of very lovely sconces that I want but I just do not want to spend $300 each for them. WHY THE HELL ARE LIGHT FIXTURES SO EXPENSIVE?!

…and check out this closet that I will have ALL TO MYSELF:

walk in closet

and check out me in my closet that I will have ALL TO MYSELF:

walk in closet

Good thing I can happily revert back to how large my closet is going to be when I think about the stairwell because we have run into some problems there.

stairwell drywall

We are trying to figure out how we should finish this area. I think we will just end up putting some trim around the edges. I would like to keep the original plaster intact below here if I can.  Adrian thinks we should run it all the way down to the stairs, but I think that it would be weird.  The studs on one side are sticking out farther than the other side so they wouldn’t be the same on both sides and the trim around the stairs would end up being slightly recessed, just weird, I don’t know.

stairwell sheetrock

We are still working on paint colors. I have a few ideas but nothing has been nailed down. I am thinking something along the lines of this:

  • Master Bedroom: light blue-green walls, white ceiling
  • Home Gym: light gray walls, navy blue ceiling
  • Office:  dark painted paneling (black, dark grey, dark green, dark blue or completely go the other direction with white. TBD
  • Hall and stairwell:  off-white, cream, or a warm light gray.

I have a trip to Hirschfeld’s planned coming up this week which will hopefully help narrow down the choices.  I want to try to limit myself to a few paint samples per room, but I just doubt that will even be possible. I really do not want to come home with $100 in paint samples.  I usually stick with eggshell finishes because you really cannot go wrong with eggshell, but I think I am going play around a bit more with different sheens in this house. I do want to try to come up with a cohesive color scheme.

For the locals, has anyone gotten paint from Abbott’s on Grand Ave? I wouldn’t mind trying a place closer to home if they are pretty helpful there.

In other news, we have also started on tearing out the very lovely, and many layered, flooring in the new hallway.

old flooring removal


The majority of the linoleum flooring, which ran throughout the old kitchen and bath area, has already been removed by our contractor to gain access for plumbing and to run the in-floor heat.

old linoleum flooring

This flooring is completely disgusting. Luckily, it has been coming up really easily with just a crow bar and a little elbow grease.

removing old flooring

We plan to patch this area with new maple hardwood and hopefully will blend in well with the old flooring. From the research I have been doing it looks like it will work pretty well.


Adrian and I (and me and the internet and me and my mind) have had a loooong and ongoing discussion about whether or not to use salvaged flooring or just use new.  Using the salvaged wood would be more time-consuming and probably match better than new. New wood would simplify the install process and go down much faster than salvaged. We will be doing a fair amount of patching with salvaged wood in the bedrooms and I think it would just be way too much for us to also include the entire hallway, which by the way, is over 25 ft long x 4 ft wide. More on that later.

and just for fun…here are numerous photos from the VERY overgrown garden since we have had some great flowers and delicious goodies this year:

image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image

image image image image image image image image image image

That beautiful pink rose bush was a very pleasant surprise. I have been lovingly tending to it all spring so I am so happy it bloomed this year.  The rest I cannot take any credit for the rest since I did absolutely nothing else in the garden beyond planting just a few annuals.

So on to painting soon, followed by trim work, followed by floors, followed by tile, followed by 100 other things before the second floor renovation is even close to being done. Hooray for progress though!


6 thoughts on “More Drywall

  1. Sly. I hope you are wetting that linoleum down as you rip it out…

    • Sarah says:

      Yes as a precaution. There was actually sheets of plywood under that linoleum/vinyl whatever it is so we just had to cut the stuff at the seems otherwise came out intact. We were lucky that the plywood was stapled instead of screwed down. It came up really easily. We just kept the stuff attached to the plywood.

  2. Stacey at Dohiy says:

    I have used Abbott’s. They are pretty helpful, and they have specials on their site. I think maybe you can sign up for an account there and you get a discount as well? Anyway, yes, they are good, although their hours are annoyingly limited.

    Anyway, though: DRYWALL looks great, and your garden is gorgeous!

  3. Ha – your life sounds a lot life my life but in another city! Nothing like living in your own renovation…

    My 2 cents on the maple floor quandary – old/salvaged maple tends to have a different tone than new maple, even when sanded down to bare wood. Blending in new maple might look off color wise if you are planning on keeping the wood natural. If you’re going to stain it, then new or old wood probably does matter, but the new would be MUCH easier to install.

    PS – Love your blog and your garden is beautiful!

      • Sarah says:

        Hi Jen. Yes the blending is a definite issue but given that basically only the hallway needs replacing and the bedrooms are pretty much intact I am not super concerned about matching. We do have plenty of salvaged flooring onhand for that. I think we may put in thresholds at the doorways so we dont have to feather the new boards in which i think would look more odd than doing threshold boards. So many decisions to be made.

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