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June 23, 2015 by Sarah

We were asked for a kitchen update (1 million times) so here goes. We started work on the kitchen pretty much as soon as we moved into this house, and 18 months later the kitchen is still not finished. After installing the countertops and appliances, all work on the kitchen pretty much halted. I totally thought I would be able to have this kitchen done by November. That totally did not happen. Not even close. sarahkitchendemo We worked on small things here and there when we felt like it over the past few months, but that has been few and far between.  Maybe it has something to do with the second floor. Hmm.

The window and dining room door trim that has been installed for quite some time but recently got a coat of primer and paint.

I spent about 2 hours filling nail hole and repairing missing pieces and gouges of wood that were damaged on the pieces that were installed. I used wood epoxy to form a missing piece of the apron under the window. trim repair

I used my fingers to form it mostly then used a putty knife and razor blade to get a straight edge. Some sand paper did the rest.

Craftsman window trim painted

It isn’t perfect, but pretty close. After painting, no one can tell that it isn’t wood.

epoxy window trim repair

The new window over the sink is half primed and still needs paint on both the trim and sashes. kitchen sink window kitty The doorway trim and windows got a coat of primer and a quick sanding to get any nubbies off. Next was 2 coats of paint with a light sanding between coats. White painted craftsman door trim

I used Frog tape to get a crisp line on the door jamb between the dining room and kitchen. There is a totally awesome swing door going back into place here. painting trim  I also finally decided to paint the window sashes black (maybe you saw a glimpse on Instagram?). I just bought a small can of off-the-shelf black semi-gloss paint and went to town.

black window sashes

It took 3 coats to cover sufficiently and they look great.  Very classy.

I do need to do a few touch up here and there and also I need to take a razor blade to the edges where I was a little liberal with the paint. Getting the sashes out was no easy task and getting them back in was much, much worse. So much worse in fact, both windows need to be repaired. Broken window jamb liners The vinyl jamb liner track things broke when took the windows out and back in.  So stupid. Also the factory applied weather stripping was starting to disintegrate. I wanted to replace that which turned into a huge f-ing ordeal. The closest match I could find online would have cost over $50 because is shipping. The big box store had nothing close. I ended up getting some stick on weather-stripping. Window weatherstripping

I tried searching the window to determine the manufacture but I could not find it anywhere.  The only marking I could find was “treated lumber” Gaaahhh im getting annoyed just thinking about it. Every place we went they asked who the manufacture was and then gave me squint-eyes when I told them I looked all around and couldn’t find markings anywhere. I hate people. so. much.

After a quick internet search I found this site that will send you replacement jambliners that are supposed to work with most wood windows. Fingers-crossed that they actually work, because I do not want to replace these windows.

We have been without window coverings in the kitchen for quite some time, but I don’t even care. I regularly walk into the kitchen with nothing more than a robe on and wave to the neighbors. I think I have scared them enough that they now keep their blinds closed at all times. Neighbors house

They are either offended by my lack of modesty or they are vampires, clearly.

I did buy some inoffensive clearance fabric to make curtains, but I have not decided how I want them to look quite yet.  I’m not trying to make any type of statement with the curtains (too many other things I want to draw the eye too) so I made an actually quite bland fabric choice. kitchen window coverings

I did buy a set of graphic kitchen towels and matching apron from Williams-Sonoma that will bring in more color and cheer. I have them tucked away right now until the renovation is done. The fridge surround still needs 2 coats of paint on one side. refridgerator cabinet

The crown molding around all the cabinets also needs another coat too. image The fridge built-in still needs doors install. doors that have yet to be primed or painted. cabinet doors The back entry door to the kitchen still needs the last couple pieces of trim. image

I have been putting it off because it is going to be a total pain in the ass with all the precision cuts it needs and I don’t currently own a table saw which is what I need to do this properly. I tried to get fancy with this cut for around the countertop and I used the compass incorrectly and it turned out that I took a little bit more off than I was supposed to. Damnit to hell. trim Oh well. I am going to make it work because that piece of trim was expensive. I think I can make it look okay with caulk and paint. We filled all the areas from the old door hardware too. image image the baseboard along the outside wall is in place and primed. image baseboard meets cabinets Adrian is still working on stripping a few pieces of the baseboard and chairrails for the rest of the room. image

The little built-in for the coffee maker I made was trimmed awhile back but I finally got around to filling the nail holes with a color matched wax pen. Built-in Keurig cabinet Built-in keurig coffee maker cabinet Looks pretty good. There was one area that had a really large area to fill and I might go back and try to faux paint that area to match a little better–but who am I kidding–this will probably be in 3 years since basically no one will be looking that closely but me. Filling nail holes with wax pen Since I am starting to feel like an awful human beings for using a Keurig as much as I do and singlehandedly causing global warming, I did purchase a reusable filter. Reusable k cup It’s pretty awesome, and I enjoy it thoroughly. In the future, I may go back to using a regular coffee pot. The one I used before I got my Keurig fits great into the built-in too.

The exhaust hood over the cooktop is still not installed but we have managed to drill a huge hole in the side of our house in the wrong spot and destroy 2 expensive exterior vent caps requiring that we buy a third. Good times. A fun story for another day. kitchen exhaust fan We need to patch insulation and drywall there, then lay tile before we can actually install that hood. I am looking forward to the day. kitchen exhaust Check out my new toy–an old fire extinguisher. I picked up this awesome brass number at the last ever Trader’s Market (flea market in Elko, MN for the locals) over Memorial Day weekend. We have been going to that flea market years and are so sad to see it go. 🙁 vintage fire extinguisher Pretty cool, huh?

antique fire extinguisher

Of course, we have a buttload of tiling to do.  We are basically doing floor to ceiling tile in here. It is going to take a hefty amount of time and prep making sure the tiles look right with the completely un-square and un-plumb ceiling and walls.

It is starting to look more and more finished by the day but still so much more to go. craftsman kitchen update

SO that is where we are at with the kitchen and what we still need to get done. I had a 2 minute delusion April 1st that I wanted to have it done by the This Old House Reader Remodel contest deadline in May but that just did not happen.  Perhaps we will have it completed by next years deadline. I am a huge TOH fan (as seen here when I meet the host, Kevin O’Conner) and I will be entering this contest at some point just to say I did.  They always seem to pick the 75k kitchen remodels done by contractors or retired carpenters so I won’t hold my breath. Nevertheless, I think we can say it will be nothing short of miraculous compared to what it looked like before: kitchen before Anyone available to stop over after I get off work everyday and threaten my life if I don’t finish working on this kitchen? I wonder what it feels like to have a single project completed? We haven’t finished a project since we lived in the last house. :/  woomp woooomp wooooooooop.

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  1. meryl rose says:

    The kitchen was the first project we started and I don’t think we actually FINISHED it (trim over cabinets installed, etc.) until the end of year 3. And that’s because I put it #1 on the to do list in ALL CAPS. Those last little bits are the HARDEST to get done.

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