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June 7, 2015 by Sarah

We started hanging drywall (Sheetrock if you will) over the past month. This is a trying time at St. Paul Haus. Adrian has entering wedding season for DJing and I am working extra hours at work. Needless to say, we are busy and progress on the house has slowed yet again. Thankfully, we have had family put in a lot of time and effort in helping us with this project. Hanging drywall Using a drywall lift Using a drywall gun Using a sheetrock lift Hanging Sheetrock

We rented a Sheetrock lift for a week which was particularly helpful in hanging drywall on the ceiling.

Drywall party Drywalling a walk-in closet

Drywall scraps

Dust is just about everywhere as you can imagine. it was pretty easy to catch the culprit who thought it was okay to step inside the corner cabinet I had laying on its back while we were handing drywall in the master bedroom. Adrian was grounded for 1 month.

Drywall dust Sheetrock dust

Unfortunately, we had the NEC come over to complete the post-insulation blower door test a couple of weeks ago and we failed. Damn. Damn. Damn.  The house read as ‘leakier’ than before the insulation. Pretty odd. There are a number of reasons for this, many of which are because we are in the middle of a whole house renovation. This was not the case during the first blower door test.  The kitchen windows are not installed right now and we have a makeshift door installed on the upstairs porch that has a huge gap under it. Also, two of the windows are broken upstairs and all the trim is off exposing the window weight pockets which by the way cannot be insulated.  This is hardly an apple to apples comparison I must say.

Great stuff spray foam

The NEC guy marked a bunch of places were he could feel air leakers around the upstairs.  There were several areas. Rather discouraging. I spent the better part of a day going around with a foam gun and caulk gun trying to fill in all the spots he marked.  Luckily, our insulation contractor is going to reimburse us for the added cost in addition to the cost of repairing the busted windows.

Can spray foam

The NEC is going to come back and do a second blower door test after we have a chance to complete the improvements.  Fingers-crossed that we pass the second test.  It is quite strange because we can actually feel the difference the insulation has made upstairs. The inspector says there is a big difference between just beefing up the insulation and beefing up the insulation and sealing all air bypasses. I guess there is plenty truth to that and we will be thankful for these blower door tests come winter.

Drywall progress

Hanging sheetrock


We are prepping the stairwell area to make a seamless transition between the old plaster walls and the new drywall.

Old staircase

Part of that whole air sealing thing was making sure no air could pass around the bathroom fan.  We did a pretty poor job of sealing this on the first try, and it came undone pretty quickly.

Bathroom fan

I tore that all down and resealed the edges around where the fan meets the plastic webbing used to hold the insulation in place.  This webbing is an airtight vapor barrier so all perforations need to be sealed properly.

Sealing a bathroom fan

Sometimes I am fancy and wear dresses while working on the house.

Air sealing a bathroom fan Sealed bathroom fan

Adrian added a couple of additional outlets that we thought would be nice to have. He added one in each of the walk-in closets which will be handy for plugging in an iron, etc.

Adding an outlet

Installing an extra outlet

The new wires next to the old ceramic insulators. So telling of our project.

Installing a new outlet

So we forge on hanging drywall in our spare time. The taper came over last weekend to check out the progress and he plans to come back with a crew in a few weeks to get started.  We essentially have 2.5 rooms done, leaving most of the hallway and bathroom to be completed.  The ultimate goal is to have the drywall hung and taped, rooms primed and painted, and most of the baseboard in place by fall. We need to get that all done before we can move and reconnect the radiators for winter.   I need to get those radiators painted too.  Cripes.

4 thoughts on “Hanging Drywall

  1. Lory says:

    So impressive!!

  2. Stacey at Dohiy says:

    You ARE fancy! I really know how you are feeling. We are struggling to get the electrical stuff done, and I’m really tired of working all day, then coming home and working on THAT. Drinks on me when we are both calmer!

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