MSP Home Tour 2015


May 7, 2015 by Sarah

The MSP Home Tour 2015 was a couple of weekends ago.

MSP Home Tour 2015

Touring homes has to be one of my most favorite things of all time.  The MSP home tour is one of the best home tours of the year for two very good reasons: 1) It features homes only in Minneapolis or St. Paul, so you know at least half of them are good 😉  and  2) The majority of the homes are remodels, so they are old and super cool.

There were some nice specimens this year.

Now on to the eye candy:

fireboxvictorian four squarepaver patioscreened in porchclawfoot tubgreen painted fireplacewhite bathroombathroom windowspiano

My absolute favorite home was a very stunning Victorian mansion on the West Side of Saint Paul. 3 stories of absolute gloriousness. The house was only half renovated so it left plenty to the imagination. The ceilings in the attic alone had to be at least 10 feet tall. It had everything an old house lover could want: original leaded and stained glass, woodwork galore, fireplaces, coffered ceilings, heavy solid wood pocket doors, butlers pantry, built-ins, clawfoot tub, and old gas light fixtures. This house was enormous. The exterior was beautiful and was fully landscaped as well. When can I move in?!

victorian mansion saint paul west side mansion

victorian front porch

fireplaceceilingDSC_0637woodwork staircaseclawfoot tubstained glass windowsold sinkcabinet basepantry shelvingdining room pass throughbread radiator huge french solid wood doorsgas electric light foxturewoodwork


And some more random things that I liked:

woodworkbling knobmarble hex tile floorbuilt-in closetcraftsman kitchenporch windowsquarter sawn oak cabinetsDSC_0596awning windowsvictorian homestairwell windowfireplace tile surroundeastlake hardwaregold painted radiatorscreened sleeping porchcement tile floorstained and leaded glass windowoak paneling

This next house was a real charmer in Dayton’s Bluff, and it was also one of my favs from the tour. Totally finished from top to bottom with help from professional designers. I loved every bit of it.  Good mix between old and new, even if they did paint the trim white (I strongly dislike when people paint all their woodwork white–it’s a complete travesty!). Original charm everywhere with an updated feel. The was drooling over all the light fixtures in this house which is why there are so many photos of them. Also, the attic was amazing. It featured a light and airy white painted subfloor with several little nooks.  I really enjoyed the stainless steel countertop on the kitchen island and the salvaged bar. The bath tub in the master suite was interesting.

msp home tour 2015 vicrotian homepocket doors3 arm steampunk chandeiler floor pillowsbrass and black sconcejapanese soaking tubbrass sconce pine headboardarticulating adjustable arm bedroom sconceroman shadesDSC_0560brass sconceattic window nookattic bedroomstainless steel countertop islandvictorian bar

One of the bestest parts of the tour each year is the surprisingly large amount of cat-relating home décor. Old home lovers and feline lovers are one-in-the-same no doubt. We were lucky enough it even see a live one that was, no less, super annoyed by the whole tour.

kids are for people who cant have cats kitty siamese cat print cat drawing chalkboard cat poster fireplace cat cats

If you are interested in having your home on the tour next year you can apply until January.  More info can be found here.

MSP home tour 2015

If we ever live through this renovation, I hope to have our house on the tour. One day, but only after I sharply increase the amount of cat chotchkies around the house.


5 thoughts on “MSP Home Tour 2015

  1. Stacey at Dohiy says:

    Yay, West Side! I love that warming cabinet in the radiator. Weird thing to fixate on, but I geek out about random house things.

    • Sarah says:

      Oh well you are in good company because i stared at that thing for a good 20min. I saw one on facebook for sale last year, but alas, I could not afford it. I seriously want to buy that house if it ever goes on the market. Such a gem.

    • Sarah says:

      Ps i lost you phone number. I cannot find it anywhere. I saw it at one time and then when i tried to find it again it was nowhere to be foubd. Can you email me at

  2. meryl rose says:

    OMG that Victorian is AMAZING. And holy jesus I never noticed the link with old homes and cat lovers. Chris is way not a cat person, do you think his collection of random old movie memorabilia would work? Like his ET piggy bank thing…? 🙂

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