Work on the Upstairs Bathroom Continues


March 16, 2015 by Sarah

The work on the upstairs bathroom continues as the original subfloor has been pulled up and the boiler guy has run pex for hydronic radiant floor heat. Hot water will run through these tubes which will heat not only the surface of the floor but the entire room. Swooooon. pex radiant floor heat The tubes run throughout, even into the shower. No cold feet here! Swooooon. hydronic in floor heat Also they have been working on running pipe to move two of the radiators. moving radiator supply lines One radiator that used to be in the old master bedroom would end up being right at the top of the stair case which would leave the new south facing bedroom without heat and the landing of the staircase way too tight if we kept it in the same spot. The radiator will be moved into the bedroom corner, under the window. moving cast iron radiator Our contractor had to pull up the hardwood along the wall here so the heating guy could run the new pex. running radiator lines under the floor This will all need to be patched later along with a whole lot of other flooring that needs to be patched. I am planning on doing this myself because if I paid someone to do it, it would probably cost more money than I make in a year. patching a hardwood floor One of the small radiators from the old bathroom will be moved into the large hallway. new radiator supply lines hallway floor Again, with the patching. Ugh. I already know this is going to be just terrible. Switching gears, Adrian and I were busy installing the bathroom fan in preparation for the pending insulation. Panasonic bath fan More to come on that another time.

In way more exciting news….if you follow me on FB or Instagram then you got to see a sneak peek of the tile I have picked out for the bathroom floor: merola twenties tile

It is from the Merola Twenties line sold at Home Depot. They are vintage inspired ceramic tiles that are supposed to look like the old (and expensive) cement tiles.  This one is called “Classic”. At $1.79 each, it is a great price. They are 7-3/4in square.

vintage pattern tile

For the shower room floor I picked a simple hexagon mosaic tile, but updated it with the dark color. This sample is from the Tile Shop at $8.99 a sq ft, but I am trying to price cheaper options. black matte mosaic hex tile The shower walls will be the cheapest of cheap white subway tiles from Menards.  We used the same tiles for our kitchen backsplash at the last house and we plan to use them in our kitchen here as well.  I got this tile for 15cents each which $1.20/sq foot.  They were on sale and this is the lowest I have seen them. They are generally on sale for 17cents each often (they are right now).  They are regularly 22cents I think.  I like these because they have the built-in spacer tabs on the sides of the tile so you do not need to use spacers unless you want a larger grout line.  I do not.  I want the smallest grout line possible.

bathroom tile samples

This shower room is huge and it will take a lot of tile to cover the walls.  We will tile the ceiling as well—I feel like a shower room should have a tiled ceiling. shower

I am debating on a 4×4 white ceramic tile ceiling or possibly using the black hex mosaic tile here as well.  I think that black would be really cool.  Maybe I could do a coved or barrel ceiling with the black hex—that would be amazing.  Although it sounds like a major PITA. I did find this with a quick Google search:

Something like that but imagine lovely black hex tiles. And I could use this flexible cement backer board :

So it is pretty much a done deal by now.

The fireplace that I special ordered from Menards came in, along with matching trim kit. I haven’t taken it out of the box yet, but I should probably test it to make sure that it works properly.

bathroom fireplace

I AM SO F-ING excited about this fireplace. Almost excited as I am about the tile choices.  EEEEEKKK.

Unfortunately, I do not have anything to report about the insulation. Waiting, waiting, waiting. It’s getting reeeally old. We had a TERRIBLE time getting estimates, let alone someone to actually agree to do it.  We had only a small list of insulation contractors to pick from due to our financing. Our insulation loan from the NEC requires that we use a trained contractor from their preferred list. All fine and dandy until 95% of them will not return your calls because they are too busy this time of year and they “want to spend time with their families after working 12 hour days”. They are just the worst. We waited 4 months to get two required estimates and now we are waiting to get on the list to actually get it done. Take my money cotdamnit!! :/

complete framing Hopefully I will have some good news to report on the insulation situation soon. In the mean time, please tell me you are in love with the tile I picked out as much as I am.  Also, I wanted to give shout out to my father Duane for trekking up here to haul away gobs of construction debris that didn’t fit into the dumpster. Dad’s are the best. 🙂

18 thoughts on “Work on the Upstairs Bathroom Continues

  1. Lory says:

    Your dad is great! Not only are you talented as a remodeler but you have fabulous design tastes. Love all your ideas – very creative.

  2. Apryl says:

    What type of shower heads are you installing?? Will it be like the Kohler commercial? FTW!

    • Sarah says:

      We are going to have 2 shower heads–one regular type one and one hand sprayer that attaches to a bar so it is adjustable and slides up and down or detaches from the bar. I looked into those body sprayers but they use so much water that we would only be able to shower for 4 minutes before all the hot water is used up in our 40gal water heater. The 2 heads will be nice though.

  3. meryl says:

    Holy crap in my pants I LOVE THE TILE YOU PICKED!!!!!!!!! ¡

  4. Stacey at Dohiy says:

    LOVE!!!!!!!!!!! That is all.

  5. GG says:


  6. Erin says:

    I LOVE the tile you picked!!! That bold statement on the floor is going to be so fantastic! And with the in-floor heating, I’d just want to lay down on it and pet it all day long. 🙂

  7. Dara says:

    Quick question about the tile. your first picture looks bluish. Its my understanding its a grey color. am I correct about the dark grey?

  8. dara says:

    oh one more thing… what about the grout color of the tile. what did you select? Dara

    • Sarah says:

      The tile is, in fact, a dark gray that is nearly black. It doesn’t look blue in person. As far as the grout, I have not picked it out yet. I am considering a few colors in the mid to dark gray or black range.

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