Second Floor Renovation: Framing, Electrical and Plumbing


February 5, 2015 by Sarah

The second floor renovation is coming along. It is hard to remember what it looked like with actual walls.  The framing, electrical and plumbing is essentially complete now.

south bedroom framing

south bedroom looking northeast


hallway framing

hallway looking north


bathroom framing south wall

bathroom looking south


middle bedroom framing

middle bedroom looking east


master bedroom framing

master bedroom looking east


master bedroom closet

master closet looking west


north bathroom wall framing

bathroom looking north

Our GC does good work.

As promised, the bathroom layout has changed several more times and I now have permanent heartburn, buuuuut we finally settled on the final layout: Layout Pretty awesome right? Huge ass shower, huge ass tub, fireplace…gahhh so amazing! Bathroom layout That box looking thing at the foot of the tub is supposed to be the fireplace/wall-mounted tv, and that huge open rectangular area is the shower. The 4ft x 7ft shower room that is. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ We decided on one sink. I know what you are thinking…“In a bathroom that big you should have double sinks.” We tried several layouts with double sinks but it wasn’t in the cards or the budget. Plus I do think it is completely unnecessary. No bathroom in 1915 had 2 sinks. That would have been preposterous (but a tv and a fireplace and a 4ftx7ft shower fit in just fine, clearly). I would rather have the extra counter space, even if that counter space is covered with Adrian’s tiny and very numerous beard hairs.

I really wanted a fireplace from the beginning and it was in and out and now back in again. To make room for the fireplace we are eliminating both radiators. The main heating source will be from hydronic in-floor heat. Pretty darn sweet. radiator Don’t worry, this beauty will find a new home in one of the bedrooms. The laundry has moved to a new location outside the bathroom and into the hall. The machines will be concealed by a pair of sliding barn doors. It just worked the best for our layout to have it out in the hall.  I was nervous about losing what was supposed to be a storage area, however, we did gain a large closet by the staircase. laundry framing And the old door to the sleeping porch will be replaced with full glass French doors which will let in a ton more light into the windowless hallway. back door framing Can you imagine opening up the French doors on a Sunday morning and enjoying a cup of coffee on that porch–I can! I tried my hand at a mood board for the bathroom finishes, you may have seen it on the FB. I was going for a classic but updated feel with a black, white and gold color scheme with some natural elements like stained window cases and teak shower seat. bathroom mood board Obviously by mood board game needs work, but you get the general idea. Pop over the Pinterest and follow St. Paul Haus. I have already pinned a ton of really great bathrooms that will make you drool.  It is fun to think about all the finishes…but there is still loads more work to be done before we even get to that point.

Right now we are waiting on the insulation but it looks like that will be done in the next few weeks. Hoping that will happen soon since our heat bill has been bananas. Once insulation is done we can start putting up rock which will be absolutely fucking glorious!!!!

And just for fun…

Wasp nest

That my friends is a completely amazing huge ass wasp nest the contractor found inside the closet walls!! Incredible. Thanks for the photo Clayton!  I am really glad it was a wasp nest and not a rat nest. *cringe* And I have to say I am really surprised we didn’t find worse.

What are you working on or fixing at your house?  I need some motivation and inspiration to whip me back into renovation shape. It has been way too easy to sit back and watch the paid help do everything for me. I gueeeeessss I could be working on the kitchen (yes the kitchen we started working on, like, 15 months ago). whoops.  πŸ™‚


13 thoughts on “Second Floor Renovation: Framing, Electrical and Plumbing

  1. Katrina says:

    Do you read Manhattan Nest? He’s renovating a little cottage right now and it’s the best.

  2. meryl rose says:

    Holy shit is all I have to say. That is some serious progress. And cheers to you for taking on such an adventure. BTW, I LOOOVVEEEEE patterned tile. I’m desperate to use it in a future bathroom remodel. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

  3. It’s looking good! Was so inspired by how your project is going that we had Clayton come over and have a look at our upstairs, too. Now I should say something really creepy like we gossiped about you and that I’m typing this from my car outside your house. Fortunately, you wouldn’t believe me because it’s too cold out there for stalking.

    • Sarah says:

      Ha! Isn’t he cool?! He probably told you I’m a control freak but also really unorganized at the same time, and also that i email him too much πŸ˜‰ I’m so glad this has inspired you to start thinking more about your upstairs again. It will be fun to follow!

  4. Dawh McQuillan says:

    Hey Sarah,
    Dad and I are watching for second floor updates….

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