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November 1, 2014 by Sarah

We have been busy the past several weeks making plans for our major remodel that we revealed 2 months ago (yes. 2 months ago. oh the shame).  Part of this has been talking with the lender, contractors, checking prices, researching materials, etc.  This will be the largest project we have hired out which means come this fall/winter there will be a lot of progress being made which is very, very exciting. I will give you all an update on that soon. eeeeeeek. 

The kitchen remodel was supposed to be a quick project that would only take a few months but somehow it turned into 12+ month project.  HA! Total f-ing fail.

A before photo to jog your memory:

kitchen before


Although the bulk of the work has been completed there is still quite a bit of finish work to be done.

I have agreed to hold a bridal shower for a dear friend of mine in a couple short weeks so that has become my new timeline for the kitchen.  While it doesn’t *have* to be done by then it would be nice to have people over without worrying about maneuvering around piles of random trim, paint cans, and boxes of tile. While we have become accustomed to stepping over crap to navigate the house on a daily basis, some people would not find that ideal.  It about killed my parents that we still had the Christmas tree up in April. but that is the way we live now.

We did get these stuffs done since I last posted…

craftsman style window trim

We have trim! GAH! Glorious, glorious trim.  I have to admit, trim work is my one of my favorite things.

I did have to make a few small adjustment to some of the piece to get them to fit properly. Here you can see that this bead molding no longer fit into place. Too long.

craftsman trim


…So I cut the bottom at a very slight angle so the back of the piece (the part that is right up against the frame and casing would slip into place, while the front would still be nice and snug to the stool.

DSC_2338 DSC_2339 DSC_2343 DSC_2344

Ignore that big chunk of wood missing there–it looked like that before I started.

Does that make any sense? I hope so–saw that little tip on This Old House. Tom Silva you son-of-a-bitch, pure genius.

installing trim installing trim

I’m weird and prefer to paint the trim in place rather than before installing, plus I needed some instant gratification that projects were actually getting done around here. I’m very pleased with how the trim is coming out. Unfortunately, it is in pretty rough shape with LOTS of large nail holes, some areas are split and will require repair, etc so we won’t be able to keep the wood natural.

restoring old trim trim repair

Adrian did a really great job of stripping 20 layers of paint on the trim, but with the base cabinets and floor there is already a lot of wood tones in here.  I’m just fine repainting the window trim. With all the old, thick and peeling paint removed they will look very fresh.

For the new window we installed there we didn’t have any trim.  Sadly, it was probably thrown out when the original window was removed and replaced with a smaller window years ago.  We had planned to build our own and try to match it the best we could. I got lucky and found 3 sets of headers at a flea market for $10 each. They didn’t fit the window, but I was able to shorten the 1st one pretty easily and now it fits perfect.

craftsman header trim

The second header I used to build this:


SO AMAZING. Seriously. Amazing. My favorite ever. If my husband cannot find me I am probably in the corner of the kitchen caressing this built-in.  The side casings I made by taking apart the 3rd header and ripping it down the middle to make 2 pieces.

built-in trim


The crown molding part of that header will be used to trim the window in the bathroom (which is also not finished).  SIGH.

bathroom progress

with all that nice molding around the built-in, of course I needed to finish the shelf over the radiator…


I just used a piece of red oak that I picked up from Menards that I stained to match the cabinets/trim. I couldn’t stomach paying for a nice big slab of quarter-sawn white oak.


I havent decided what I am going to do with that radiator. Cover it up with a metal screen or leave it open? So far I am really liking it open–although it needs a paint job. Metallic gold anyone?

I got so lucky with those headers but I was still needing casing for the new window.  I picked up this old pine window casings at Northwest Architectural Salvage (Selby Ave for the locals) with a 30% off coupon.

salvaged trim

Serious score since this stuff was not cheap. Regular price was $3.50 per linear foot…and that was the price for just the pine.  If you want a heart attack ask for the price on oak or maple.

Some have asked why I don’t just buy some new pine or poplar and rip it to the proper non-nominal width and route the edges to match and call it good. Yeah, sounds great if you actually have a table saw and skills with a router…which i have neither.  I did recently obtain an old router which works well, but it is really f-ing scary and I need several more practice attempts with that thing before i will be able to route anything of value.

craftsman router

I am afraid of that thing almost as much as electricity or climbing onto my roof.

I posted some photos of these filler strips on FB/instagram awhile.  I am pretty pleased with how they turned out.


I also started working on the toe kicks for the cabinets. I am too exhausted to write about them right now.  Just know that they are beautiful, and i will write about them another day. A sneak peek though of the toe kicks dry run before they were stained and sealed:

building toe kicks for ikea cabinets

The day I am done painting and staining cabinets and all the rest of this wood will be a glorious, glorious day. I will be dancing in the streets, singing, and leaping into the air and clicking my heels together.

Other fun stuff we have done in the past 2 months includes installing this baby:

induction cooktop


Thank you to my dear husband for hooking up the electrical.

My sweet, sweet induction cooktop. Oh, how I love you. I wish I could use you…alas, none of our cookware works with induction. 🙁 New stuff is supposed to be arriving soon. I am going to be boiling soooo much water in under 1 minute.

induction cooktop

Soon the vent hood will also be going up! That is a post in and of itself.

vent hood


The hood is from IKEA just like our other appliances, and I cannot wait to peel off that scratch protective coating…its so satisfying.

range hood

Also this happened:

glass cabinet doors

The upper cabinet doors are painted and installed, but they still need the glass in them. Don’t mind those cabinets over the fridge–they have doors too but they aren’t ready for install just yet.

Hey, that almost looks like a real functioning kitchen.  Right? Right?!?!


4 thoughts on “Trim, Trim, and More Trim

  1. Lory says:

    Your kitchen is a beautiful artful piece of work. Your abilities are amazing!

  2. Kel says:

    Looks Awesome!

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