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August 28, 2014 by Sarah

The layout of the new STP Haus, for the enjoyment and curiosity of all.

When seeing the house from the street it looks like a pretty typical craftsman style home…until you get inside.

St. Paul Haus Exterior Front

Drawing and art work in general is really not my thing.  I am terrible as a matter of fact.  Apparently the part of the brain that deals with creativity and spacial relations was never fully developed.  I do recall having to do a bit of drafting for a shop class in 7th grade if that counts for anything.

There is no way I could draw the house remotely to scale. SO I do not feel like embarrassing myself too much I used MagicPlan, an awesomely cool app, to construct some basic (but still not-to-scale) drawings:

Note: please disregard the sq ft of each room. They are not accurate as far as I can tell.

Current 1st Floor

Craftsman house layout

Proposed 1st Floor

Craftsman house plans

Current 2nd Floor

Craftsman style house floor plan

Proposed 2nd Floor

Craftsman style house plans

We have a partially finished basement, but I haven’t gotten around to making the layout for it yet. Plus it is currently filled with a bunch of crap and Magicplan doesn’t work very well unless the corners of the room are visible. Just know that there will be designated living room (mancave), workshop, bathroom, storage areas.

So you can see the biggest change is coming upstairs where we are moving around walls/doorways to reconfigure the rooms. The kitchen will become a large bathroom and laundry (niiioooce).

Upstairs Bathroom Before & Proposed After

bathroom floorplan

Note: I have no idea how the bathroom got 2 doors on it in the before photo. Too much energy is required to change it.

The footprint of the second level sleeping porch will not change, but it will be getting new footings below. The porch off the kitchen will get an overhall–removing the stucco wall railing, new frame, decking. We would also like to extend the decking under foot and add a pergola overhead to enlarge the patio area if the funds allow.

St. Paul Haus Exterior Rear

You may also notice the location of the staircase.  Currently the upstairs is accessed from a staircase at the main entry or the staircase outside that leads to the back porch, but in the new design the upper level will be accessed from the dining room.  The door to the right of the built-in may appear to be a closet however it is really this when I open the door:

dining room staircase

boarded up staircase

That’s right. A staircase to nowhere.

Unfortunately, when the second floor was constructed and the house was made into a duplex (most likely in the early 1940s, more on that here) they decided to close up the staircase and run the floor over the top of it.  Bummer. Fortunately, it will be a pretty easy to cut an opening in the floor above the staircase and put in a handrail and railing.

The current staircase from the main entry vesibule area will be no more.  The stairs will be taken out and will make way for a larger bedroom closet and an entry closet.

entry staircase

Front Staircase Before and Proposed After


Each of the bedrooms will now all have large closets which is a serious bonus for a house this age. It will go from a duplex with a 1 bed/1 bath unit and a 2 bed/1 bath unit to a 5 bed/3 bath single family home by the time we are done. Amazeballs. This will be a multi-phase project just to get the rough work done, the finish work will take even longer.

Things and Stuffs for the Contractors:

  • New roof, siding, gutters
  • New windows on sleeping porch?
  • Fix chimney (tuckpointing as needed)
  • Remove back porch and replace (new footings, columns, frame)
  • Remove exterior back staircase
  • Rough electrical, Move electrical panel?
  • Rough plumbing for bath, washer dry hookups
  • Reframe doorways as needed
  • Mudding/taping new drywall

Things and Stuffs for Us:

  • Demo walls/ceiling upstairs
  • Ceiling and sidewall insulation
  • Hanging drywall
  • Rehanging doors and trim
  • Pergola, decking, trim work on back porch
  • Flooring/tile/fixtures bathroom


Unrelated Sidebar:  I ordered a cute little St. Paul print made by Albie Designs a few weeks ago and I finally got it framed and hung in the bathroom last night. You find it in various sizes here.


Saint Paul MN

St. Paul

If you are looking for the other side of the river, it is available too 😉  along with many other cities and some other cute prints. The floating frame is a cheapy from Target, but it gets the job done and the price was right.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE this print and it looks so nice in the bathroom.

Any thoughts? Questions?  Concerns?  I would love to hear your ideas or suggestions on the proposed new layout.  Am I completely over looking something?  Would you do something different? My head is spinning just thinking about all of this.  When we had our contractor over earlier in the week it was good to talk through some of these ideas.  The beginning of a large project can be overwhelming, and that is proving to be true in this case for me.  Wish us luck.


8 thoughts on “The Layout

  1. Lory says:

    WOW – it’s fun to see your vision, particularly for the second floor. So glad you’re keeping a sleeping porch.

  2. D Green says:

    I love your creativity SP! You can see what something is today and see what it can be… lol I lack that level of creativity… Awesome projects though!


  3. Ashley Heitkamp says:

    Wow! I love your ambition! Looking forward to seeing the journey.

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