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June 9, 2014 by Sarah

I have not been documenting the goings on here at St. Paul Haus very well the past several weeks I must admit.  We have been very busy with other life things which always makes it hard to keep up. Summer is traditionally our “slow time” with regards to house projects. Naturally, this is one of my “holy balls I haven’t posted in forever and now I need to catch you up with a post that is super long” posts. Enjoy a little bit of this and that.

Here are a few of the reasons why I haven’t been posting:

I got a new nephew: Meet Baby Myles

I got a new nephew: Meet Baby Myles

Conny's Creamy Cone trips

A trip, or several, to Conny’s Creamy Cone

Out of town visiters.

Out of town guests.

Eating a giant egg roll on a stick at Grand Old Day

Me standing in front of an awesome house that is about to be demolished at Hamline University 🙁 RIP White House

Picking rhubarb.

Picking rhubarb.

Spending time with this little cutie: Jilly Bean.  She likes cats too.

Spending time with this little cutie: Jilly Bean. She likes cats too.

Plus a million other things.

I think it is time to catch you all up on the progress or lack of progress…

Amongst all the work being done on the kitchen we have been able to knock a few things off the list in the main floor bathroom.

We got a good start on the trim around the window:

new craftsman window trim

We used new poplar boards for most of it, and a piece of stop molding from the back doorway in the kitchen for the fillet detail under the top casing. craftsman window casing

Since we will not be putting the door back up in the back entryway, that stop molding was cast into the craps pile in the basement.  I am glad we were able to put it to use in here.

craftsman window trim

It still needs the crown molding, but it is getting there. Add a couple coats of paint and it will make a big difference in this room.

I also bought this super cute yellow hand towel at Target on sale last week.  I thought it would add a little bit of color to the otherwise pretty subdue palate.


And I put out the coral I had in the 1/2 bathroom at the old house:

White coral I got a million years ago on clearance at JCPs

White coral I got a million years ago on clearance at JCPs

I added in this lovely set:

$18 antique shop find

$18 antique shop find

…and this little number from Bed Bath and Beyond for $39 which I cannot find on their website.

trash can

Trash Can: “I am expensive.” Me: “I don’t care. I must have you.” Trash Can: “I knew you couldn’t resist my charming personality and good looks.” Me: “Touché trash can, Touché”

Although this isn’t really work on the house per say, but it is major progress for us to be able to walk in our living and dining room without having to duck and weave:

craftsman living room

So close, yet so far.

So close, yet so far.

Hopefully soon there will be enough room to accommodate a very lovely antique green velvet sofa and chair set. 😉

Adrian spent some time outside on the roof to clean the gutters, twice. Thanks a lot tree helicopter thingys.

cleaning gutters

A ton of work has been done in the yard where is have been sending most of my free time lately.

front side garden

north garden bed


The garden is bursting with flowers I have no experience with, but it is fun to see everything come up.

Some favorite right now:








There’s more where that came from.

We still need to take care of that huge pile of lath from the kitchen on the driveway.

pile of lath

I have many plans for that lath, but it needs to be de-nailed, sorted, and bundled into manageable stacks before we can bring it back into the house.  Much of it will be used as an accent wall behind the TV in the future MANCAVE.  Something like this:


via here

Also the pile of brush needs to be hauled away. Most of it is rose thorns 🙁  I look like I got into a cat fight right now.  Once we get that taken care of we will have a real back yard again.

And as always, back to the kitchen and what it looks like at the current:

kitchen remodeling

kitchen renovation

fridge built-in surround


Adrian has been working hard to strip the old paint from all the kitchen trim and door:

using a heat gun

Big shout out to the Stage Family for lending us their heat gun.

The door will be stained and sealed, while most of the other trim will be painted the same color as the cabinets. It is a slow process, but it will make a big difference in the final finish.

I am slowly working on lot of painting right now including the upper cabinet doors, cabinet trim, and the fridge surround.

custom doors painted

I have also been working on this little guy:

recessed cabinet for coffee maker

It is a recessed cabinet that I built for my Keurig coffee maker.  I love coffee so of course needed the perfect little place for it in my kitchen. I still need to add the trim around the outside and build the shelf that will be going over the top of the radiator to finish this corner.

I am still trying to decide if I want to make a slotted contraption to cover the whole radiator like this or if I should just paint it and leave it mostly open like this. Anyone have any thoughts on that? I am leaning toward open at this very minute, but I change my mind at least 10 times a day.

I have a HUNDRED more things to share but this post I already really F-ing long so I will have to stop it right here.  How is your summer going?  Stop by my facebook page and share a picture of your latest project -or- drop me a line about the things you aren’t getting done at your house. Maybe that will make me feel just a little better about how long the kitchen is taking to complete.  Cheers.


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  1. You are an inspiration! Love your kitchen, particularly.

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