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April 5, 2014 by Sarah

My parents came up last weekend to help with a couple small projects..one of them was taking the Christmas tree down.  I am so very grateful for this as it would otherwise be up for another couple of months I’m certain.

living room april 2014

The living room has been slowly growing larger the past few weeks. This is very exciting to me–I may actually be able to put a couch in this room soon.

While my parents were up we checked out the Spring 2014 Remodeler’s Showcase Dream Home (part of Parade of Homes).  There were actually two Dream Homes (both dream homes were in St. Paul, duh, of course they were)  but we were only able to get out to one this tour.

For a small donation (tax deductible) of $5 we were able to tour one of my all-time favorite homes on Como Lake.

Remodelers showcase (7)

I have been ogling this house for the past 8 years every time I went to run or walk at the lake, always wondering what the inside looked like.

When I find out it was featured in this years Remodeler’s Showcase I skipped everywhere I went for the next 2 weeks straight.

remodelers showcase dream home

Check out the preview here with some of the professional photos.

Of course, I took a ton of my own crappy phone pics:

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Holy balls that house is amazing!

If you care to take a look (at the outside of the house) for yourself the address is 1285 W. Como Blvd. St. Paul.

There are some truly amazing houses on Lake Como if you haven’t been to see, and the lake is fun to visit. There are run/walk/bike paths, a café, free band concerts in the summer, and paddle boats for rent.  Adrian and I ride our bikes down to the Lake every so often to enjoy the tunes and get some fresh air. Plus the Como Zoo and Conservatory are right next door. Both have free admission–they just ask for a small donation. Our new haus is pretty close to the park so hopefully we will get down there more often this summer.  It was packed last weekend with the short-lived warm-up.  Can you tell that I LOVE ST. PAUL?


Did anyone else make it out the Parade of Homes Remodeler’s Showcase?  I wish I had time to see more of the spring tour, but there will be another one again in the fall. The next Parade of Homes is September 6-28, and the Remodeler’s Showcase is September 26-28, 2014. Who wants to join me in taking your shoes off and leaving them in a big heaping piles at the front doorsteps as you enter strangers homes with hundreds of other people purely to judge the work of the homeowners and their contractors??? Best. Time. Ever. (Almost as good as meeting Kevin O’Conner). Please tell me someone else out there still has their Christmas tree up–We can’t be the last people in the world to have their tree up on March 30th. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Spring 2014 Remodelers Showcase

  1. Our tree is gone, but I just took down the last wreath on the fence, does that count??

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