St. Paul Haus Hunters: 2 Days

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September 20, 2013 by Sarah

stpaul haus hunters

There is still time for the stragglers to vote for the next St. Paul Haus.

As things stand currently,  Haus #4 The Former Duplex seems to have a rather commanding lead, with Haus #3 The Tile Tavern and Haus #2 Renovated with a Workshop battling it out for second place.

The poll closes tomorrow, September 26th at 12:00 midnight (CDT) so make sure to do the deed before time runs out.

The final results will be shared Friday, September 27th along with the low down on WHICH ONE OF THESES HOUSES WE ACTUALLY BOUGHT!  BOOM!

Comment or I'll hate you forever.

Sarah&Adrian @ StPaulHaus

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