Framing a Bathroom Mirror

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September 8, 2013 by Sarah

For those of you keeping any sort of track, I will be posting another installment of St. Paul Haus Hunters sometime in the next week for your Haus Hunting enjoyment. I have now posted a total of 7 potential houses to date.  In the mean time…

I realized that I inadvertently leftout a few of our last minute completed projects from the old house before we put it on the market. I was going through some of the photos on the camera and found these.  Ohhhhhh how it is nice to blog about an actual project again.

Check out this awesomely amazing framed mirror…


….that matches the cubbies we put in


Framing a bathroom mirror is one of those very simple and inexpensive projects that make a big difference in the look of the bathroom.  The unframed mirror in our full bathroom left something to be desired.


That was the only “before” photo I could find even though it really isn’t a before but you get the idea.  In actuality, that is a photo of the mirror stuck to the wall after I applied this stuff to the back of it:


When working with mirrors you have to use a special adhesive because the regular adhesive will ruin the silvery finish on the back of the mirror and subsequently it will be complete trash. So after following the directions on how and where to apply the adhesive on the back of the mirror we stuck the mirror in place on top of that scrap piece of lumber that I had laying around to make sure I had the correct spacing over the sink backsplash. The mirror adhesive or mirror mastic actually said it was not to be used without being supported with those ugly plastic mirror clips, even after it is dry, but I ignored that part. meh.

The frame can actually be made to fit around the plastic clips pretty easily if that is what you have in place and then you wouldn’t need to glue the mirror to the wall.

We ended up just gluing the mirror to the wall and removing the clips because we didn’t have the time to deal with routing out the back of the frame to accommodate them.  Essentially you just have to route little recessed areas in the back where each clip is so the frame will fit right over the top and be flush with the mirror. We don’t have a router, sadly, but we do have a Dremel and I have used it for similar situations in the past but it just takes longer.  I was not about to deal with that when we were trying to get the house projects done before the listing.

The frame itself is very simple, and it is the same design that I have been using throughout the house on all finish trim projects like the pass-through, the dining room built-in, and the living room window thingy. Instead of attaching each piece separately as you would normally when framing windows and doors, we used the amazing Kreg Jig to screw everything together into one piece.


Adrian using clamps to secure the poplar lx together. Poplar is the best wood trim that you plan on painting. If you plan to stain your frame spend the money and get a nicer piece of wood that takes stain better and has a nicer grain pattern.


After everything was screwed together I primed and painted the entire thing, front and back.  No one will see most of the back, but it is a good thing to do particularly in a high moisture area.


Whatever you do, make sure you apply the finishing product (paints or stain/poly) to at least half of the backside of the frame.  The edge of the back of the frame will reflect in the mirror and you will be able to see the back.  This is an error that I have seen a few people make, so luckily I had a heads up on that.


After it was well dry (I think we actually waited 2 weeks) we used the same mirror mastic to apply the trim to the front of the mirror, and we used the shower curtain rod to hold it in place.


I used a scrap board I had to make sure there was even pressure applied on both sides.  After 24 hours the glue was dry and we put the shower curtain rod back in its rightful place.



There are probably 180 DIY tutorials on how to do this on the internet…check those out for more ideas.   I am bummed I didn’t really get to enjoy it before we sold the house.  Speaking of selling the house…I am in the middle of writing a post about that very thing and hope to have that done later this week.

Has anyone else out there tried this out? Post a photo of your bathroom mirror on the St. Paul Haus Facebook page. I would love to see what you guys have done.

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