The Elusive Office

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May 21, 2013 by Sarah

The office, I believe, has been the least photographed room in the house.  Perhaps this may give you some insight as to why:


Too our defense, this was taken while we were in the middle of getting as many projects as possible done before the appraisal; however, I will tell you it still looked nearly as bad for the past year.  Everyone needs a junk room–our basement is now the temporary junk harboring location.

Without further ado, I present the office in its current state:



This really is a catch-all room for us as an office/entertainment room/storage/workout facility.


We did paint this room shortly after moving in (I don’t have any real before photos). The far wall was an oops paint from Menards (we also used it in here), and the other 3 walls are a color that I cannot seem to remember.  It is dark yes–but this room was our bedroom when we first moved in–Adrian prefers dark sleeping rooms.  It is the largest of the bedrooms which makes it an obvious master bedroom, but we just found that the office actually needed to be larger for us and that having the den/nursery/sittingroom/.5bedroom attached to our bedroom was more practical. More on that here. As soon as I moved back home from school, we flip-flopped the two rooms and have been happy with the layout so far.  We could always switch things up in the future if we need to.

(If you don’t know I used to live 2 hrs away while I completed my master’s degree.  I had a small apartment for use during the week and I came home on most weekends. Yes, it sucked balls and i am glad I get to live with my husband again.)
image image


I am still completely in love with this old sewing machine table that we are using for a tv stand.  That tv is extremely old and extremely heavy and extremely huge. We will probably be replacing it soon with something a little smaller which i will be better for the scale of the room and the table.

Eventually I would like to repaint this room a lighter color. I already have some options for paint on hand–just waiting for a day when I get bored enough to actually do it.  If we ever decide to sell we would probably throw a bed in here real quick–the big ass bookcase could be a headboard?? and we would probably move the tall bookcase out and perhaps make the desk smaller.  All in due time.

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  1. I literally lol’d at Adrian in the first picture completely not paying attention to a photo being taken – reminds me so much of Chris, ha! 🙂 I really like that dark gray/brown color. And hello, our front room and laundry room are full of crap too. There’s always (at least) one room in a renovator’s house designated as the “ummmm, that just goes here” room

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