Bathroom Vanity Reveal

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April 14, 2013 by Sarah

It truly is amazing what a few coats of paint, a little trim, and some shiny hardware can do to a ugly builder-grade vanity.






I am usually very anti-paint wood, I believe I have voiced that in the past but it is certainly O.K. in some instances, such as when its not real wood at all. ūüėõ

It all started by adding some very simple lattice trim to the panel on the side.


I got the idea from the side from this bad boy


…which by the way is still not completed. It does sit in my dining room right now but it still needs to be oiled. One day this spring (if spring ever decides to come).

The cabinet then got a coat of primer, and 2 coats of white semi-gloss kitchen/bath paint.


I hate how the fake drawer panel on the top is totally unusable normally. Such a waste.


I had Adrian remove it (was harder than you would think) and we put on this little bit of awesomeness..


We put the sane tip-out storage kit in the kitchen, and actually the hinges were left over from that as I had bought two sets so we could have two little storage baskets on the faux drawer. I had been saving the 2¬†unused¬†hinges for the past 3 years in hopes of using them again in the bathroom.¬†You have to get creative with storage in a small bathroom–particularly in a house that is over 125 years old. Apparently, there was no need for closets back then.


Anyway, because the hinges were left over, I did not have the real storage container cubby things that came with it. Doh. Didn’t think about that part I guess. ¬†I did see at Menards they were selling the kits for $16. ¬†I didnt want to pay another $16 just for the basket to have another spare set of hinges that would go unused, so i bought one of these that I found in the same section.

photo (3)

It’s original purpose is to organize drawers. It was really actually pure luck that it ended up fitting when I did a dry run with my fingers crossed. ¬†It only cost $4, compared to the $16 so it was worth a shot.

photo (2)

I basically copied how the one in the kitchen worked as far as attaching the container to the drawer.



I used a drill to make these holes.  Not perfect but I am a human, not a machine damnit.


It really is strange how this tiny little storage container makes me so, so happy.

photo (1)

I also added some cup pulls to the drawers that had none before, because they are shiny and pretty. Also the same one as in the kitchen.


The door on the vanity has been out of commission for some time now. It seemed to mock me as I attempted to repair it several times to no avail. The damn thing would not stay shut no matter what I tried. I finally said F it at took the whole thing off. I replaced it with a suppa cute curtain.


I started by cutting the curtain a few inches longer than the opening for seam allowances and a pocket for the rod, and 1 3/4 times as long so there would be plenty of fabric to “ruffle”. ¬†If you wanted a more “clean” look you could make it just wide enough for the opening plus seam allowances.

I used an iron to smooth down the seams before i sewed them. I did also use a small ruler to make sure my seams were exactly 1/2 inch.  I then folded it over on itself again to hid the raw edges. DSC_0055

I also put in a few pins to keep everything together.


I quickly sewed all the edges on my newly acquired sewing machine from my grandmother Eunice. DSC_0057


It was super easy to make and i used a small cafe tension rod from Menards to hand it inside the cabinet frame. DSC_0084

Fabric is from JoAnn Fabric originally $40/yd but I got it for $15/yd in the remnant section. It is on sale this week for $24/yd.

Looks really sly. ¬†It jumped out at me when i first walked down the aisle. I like birds,¬†in fact,¬†I wish I could have one, but my kitty sons would probably go haywire. ¬†I’ll have to settle for a fabric one.

What do you think about this quick and easy project? Quite the transformation if I do say so myself.

I heart you new/old vanity!!!


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  1. Mother says:

    curtain is so cute. also love the detailing on the side of the vanity. molding looks good – great makeover!

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