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February 24, 2013 by Sarah

I have had a very hard time concentrating on finishing my window seat project right now. Come to think of it, I usually have a hard time concentrating on any one project that takes more than 2 hours to complete.  Actually, I have been dragging my feet on the top of this window seat for a couple reasons: 1) The walls are EVERY out of square and i will have to make double sure I cut it properly the first time because the wood was expensive  2) it will require me using my new woodworking tool and I still need to get the hang of  it and 3) I want to stain and poly the top which is very hard to do in the middle of your house in the winter in Minnesota while owning animals that like to jump on everything and leave their fur laying around.

So instead of actually getting any work done, I have been busy making a lot of think bubbles filled with stuff like this:

image image image




image image image image

Yes. That means I am making plans for a ground level deck, recycled wood pallet fence, and a brick pathway. Yes. Yes. Yes. Adrian has been making eyes at this awesomeness…


It is safe to say that I have been making a lot of plans.

Unrelated to my future landscape, take a looksee at this little beauty that I acquired from my grandmother…

image image image image

Pretty cool old sewing machine table. The sewing machine is not inside, sadly, but I did get a newish one instead. Now I will be able to sew to my hearts content at the drop of a hat. Throw pillows anyone…or perhaps a window seat cushion??

Anyone else out there already thinking about their garden even though there is still snow on the ground? Or sewing anything fun lately?

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