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February 24, 2013 by Sarah

I love quarter round. Very, very simple to install and it makes quite the difference in a room.  I have been busy installing trim, caulking, and painting all day in the dining room.


I also love this…


I am borrowing this wonderful piece of equipment temporarily from my father so I could cut the last of the chair rail that I have been putting off.


image imageimage image image


I just need to touch up the wall paint, and it will officially be complete!

I actually did a little bit of work on the actual window seat, kinda…

Normally I never use painter’s tape when painting anything, but I decided to this time because I don’t want mess up my floors.



I bought some half round trim to cover the edge of the plywood that I installed on the end of the window seat. Nioooce.

image image

I have to finish some quarter round on one more wall, and I also have to finish the top of the window seat…which I keep putting off. More on that later.

Unrelated, I did get this little beauty up awhile back but failed to take a photo of it for the blog.



If you already “like” St. Paul Haus on Facebook then you may have already seen a sneak peek.  It replaced a nonworking and strangly modern looking clock that didn’t go with the room.

Also the latest addition of vintage kitchen utensils have all been put up. 🙂  I guess I got a couple of things done this weekend.  What have you been up to?  Shoot me a comment.  Or better yet, post a photo on our Facebook page!


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