Fresh Railing

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November 4, 2012 by Sarah

My dad came up today to help us this the front hands rail. One less thing on the list.  We could have probably done this ourselves, but we didn’t have time for it. It probably would have taken me three times as long to do it.

Here was the railing before:

and after:

We got all the materials stock at Menards including the Victorian turned posts and lag screws for $60.

I would give you the detailed play-by-play, but we pretty much winged it.  Consult someone that knows what the hell they are doing for advice. Here is a small portion of what went down:

Cutting the posts to fit the stairs…

We used lag screws to attach the posts temporarily, then measured the bottom and top rails for the spindles. Once they were cut to length, we marked out where each spindle would go.

then the posts were removed and attached to the bottom rail and spindles, before being attached back to the stairs.

Stainless steel screws were used to attach everything including the top handrail.

I could not be happier with how it turned out. I just need to give it a coat of solid stain, but this probably won’t happen until spring.

So awesome. Much better than the rusty and broken before version.  What did you all get done this weekend?

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  1. James Norris says:

    Thanks for sharing this information, and honestly the railings that I have seen are great looking! Keep up the great words and posts.

  2. […] the help of my father (seen here), I was able to glue the existing mirror to the wall.  The options were limited so we got creative […]

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