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October 22, 2012 by Sarah

Here is a fun little tip for painting/staining something on multiple sides at once for the impatient like myself.

Drill a small hole in a random scrap piece of 2×6 (Or any piece of scrap wood you have laying around the house).

Run a long screw all the way through the board like-a-so.

Drill a small shallow hole in the bottom of whatever you are painting, just deep enough to make it easy for the screw to find its place, preferably in an inconspicuous place. Drill just enough to make an area easy for the screw to fit on (sorry bad photo).

Once the wood is in place over the screw give it a few turns to secure it on the screw.  If you have to you can later cover the hole with caulk or woods filler and paint over it.

Once the wood is secure you are free to paint all sides and leave it to dry by the fireplace, in the middle of your living room.

Because this plaque will be subjected to the elements, I chose to use white solid stain as opposed to white paint. Less maintenance and it looks exactly like paint.

Once it was dry (I did 2 coats), I attached these numbers…

…which I picked to mimic these on the front door transom.

Pretty close.  I may paint the inside red to tie it in even more, but we shall see. I did find a great turned spindle post to put this baby on, I hope to get that stained and in the ground tomorrow.

That simple little painting tip can be applied to something a lot bigger with some creativity. I have seen doors hung with string from the ceiling to paint both sides.  No one likes sitting around waiting for paint to dry.

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