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September 4, 2012 by Sarah

In lieu of actually getting anything done around here, I decided to spend all my money on fried foods and antiques.

We spent the past couple weeks making trips to the state fair, my parent’s farm, and several antique shops.  My sister is in town from Orlando, so we have been out and about.  Today we stopped at Nina’s Coffee Cafe for a cup of morning java…

…then made our way to the Mall of St. Paul an awesome antique mall…

…then we met Adrian for lunch next door at the Blue Door Pub

…then back to the Mall of St. Paul to get this for $22:

and this for $4…

and these for $7 and $4…

…then we shot over to Northwest Architectural Salvage

After checking out a ton of gorgeous salvaged goods from local homes we finished the day visiting several shops on West 7th including Wescott’s Station AntiquesJohn’s Antiques, and Grandma’s Attic.  If you need a lamp, chandelier, sconces, or parts John’s has just about everything. Wescott’s has a large collection of stained glass windows.  Grandma’s Attic has some of everything.  It was at Gma’s Attic that I found this tiny oil lamp for $2…

and this lovely mirrored dresser tray for $16…

…and finally, this pair of sconces for $10. 

I plan to spray paint this in oil-rubbed bronze and install them in the stairwell.

Also, this morning I picked up a couple new things for $0.  My brother-in-law’s sister just moved into a new home and found this left behind from the previous owners:

I saved it from a trip to the Goodwill, but she is not really my taste…but she would be really handsome with a fresh paint job.  I really wanted to give this little number a coat of paint, put it in our upstairs bathroom, plop a sink on top of it, and call it a day, but alas, it is 2 inches too big.  Rats.  Ah well.  We will find her a new home…maybe the guest bedroom??   I also rescued this Tiffany-style lamp.

Again, not totally my style, but she does look nice in out living room…which i have yet to fully photograph but here the new/old lamp in its new place at least.

All and all it was a good day.  It is always fun to find good deals. Can’t wait to use all my new stuffs.  Anyone else get any good Labor Day weekend deals? Or eat way too much dried foods at the State Fair?   I think my new favorite is fried pickles…well, maybe second favorite after the curds.

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  1. Lory Perryman says:

    Great finds. Can’t wait to see your added touch or where you put them. So glad you were able to spend the day doing what you enjoy!

  2. Fried food and antiques, that sounds like my kind of day!
    Looks like you found some good pieces.

  3. […] different drum. The sconces didn’t have all the attachment parts, so I had to make a trip to John’s Antiques to get the extra stuff that I needed for $6. I had Adrian help me install them because, if you […]

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